Craft Idea for Kids- Jellyfish DIY

Whether you are learning about the ocean or just want to stay busy on a rainy day, this DIY jellyfish craft idea for kids is the perfect project! Using just a few common materials, you can make your own jellyfish in just minutes. Take a look below at how to get started crafting your own. You can have your home with full of floating jellyfish in no time!

Craft ideas for Kids- Jellyfish DIY

Here are the supplies you will need

Craft ideas for Kids- Jellyfish DIY

Empty plastic fruit cup
Spray paint
Colorful yarn
Googly eyes

We used the fruit cup from our mandarin oranges. They are the perfect size for this project, and this project is a great way to reuse them! For paint and yarn, choose any color that suits you and your tastes. We choose coordinating pastel colors but you do what works for you.


1. Begin by cleaning the fruit cup and drying it well.

2. Apply two coats of paint to the inside of the cup. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

3. Glue two googly eyes to the front of the cup. Press them firmly so they adhere well.

4. Take the yarn and cut it into 8-12 inch lengths. Tie the yarn so that a knot is in the center of the bundle.

5. Apply a generous dab of glue to the knot and then press the knot to the inside of the cup. Press it firmly so it adheres well.

6. Take another piece of yarn and glue it to the top of the cup. You can then tie this piece in a knot for hanging.

Your jellyfish is now ready to be displayed. Hang it from the ceiling and create a whole ocean of jumping jellyfish! These are light weight enough where they should be able to secure to a surface with no more than a little tape.

Gather your supplies and give this easy craft idea for kids a try! Children will love making this ocean themed craft to have their own pet jellyfish 🙂

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