Crockpot Apple-Cranberry Cider recipe

A crockpot is meant for chilly days.
It can warm you up in spite of the cold weather and can smell the house up with its delicious aroma. Usually, it’s always crockpot meat for me, specially in fall and winter. So easy to make too during busy weeknights.
Crockpot it and forget it, right?
Crockpots are healthy and works like a charm with grown-ups and kids alike. Win-Win.
Anyway, I was in the mood for a crockpot the other day. Yes it is summer and all.  And It wouldn’t make sense to cook up a crockpot. So I decided to make some Crockpot Apple-Cranberry Cider drink instead. You can have them cold, you see? It was super easy to make and yum! I couldn’t stop drinking it 🙂 House smelled AMAZING too!
Have you tried Crockpot Apple-Cranberry Cider drink before? If not, now is the time.  They are extremely flavorful with slices of orange, cranberries and cinnamon sticks floating around…
Have a look at this recipe below!

Crockpot Apple Cranberry Cider

Crockpot Apple-Cranberry Cider Recipe


5 cups apple cider (or apple juice)
1 cup cranberry juice
1 cup orange juice
1/2 cup cranberries
2 oranges, peeled and segmented
1 Tablespoon cinnamon/or sticks



Place all ingredients in crockpot and heat on high for 25 minutes.
Crockpot Apple Cranberry Cider Drink
Serve hot or cold.
I know right? Super easy!
Crockpot Apple Cranberry Cider Drink Recipe
Hope you try some Crockpot Apple Cranberry Cider drink soon 🙂

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