Daylight Savings Time Dilemma

So, I am sure you noticed lately that days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer. With the daylight savings time ending past weekend, the recreational activities carried out at  normal times in the evenings need to be kept to a minimum. One of our such favorite activity during summer was to go for walks after supper time. Easily, we could spend one to two hours outdoors and breathe in fresh air while Kevin practices his walking skills and also checking out all the drain pipes or storm drains in the vicinity which sticks out on the roads. This has always fascinated him. Walks with him are sometimes fun killers. If Mommy’s secret ambition is to do some exercise walking with the kids, it is not going to happen if Mommy do not steer clear of roads filled with drain pipes. Kevin would stop at every single drain pipe on the way and peeks inside to see if there is water inside or is it completely dry. “Mommy, there is ‘wawer’ in this one or Mommy, No ‘wawer'”.(Translation- Wawer is for Water)…and so goes his running commentary. You know that the most least interesting things to a grown up’s eye could awaken the interest  of a child, correct? Drain pipe for Kevin is one such thing. Anyway, as it stands, Good bye to drain pipes as the nights closes on us very early and the cold gets unwelcome at times. Sad and true. But I am sure, Kevin will put to rest his fascination for the pipes and  find another mystery more adaptable with the changing season to pique his curiosity. 

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