How to Decorate on a Budget for Parties

Throwing a party can be tough on the budget, but these tips for How To Decorate On A Budget For Parties are sure to help you make that possible.  With a few simple party foods to serve, some great guests and these easy decorating tips on hand, you are sure to have the party of the century.


How to Decorate on a Budget for Parties

Use Basic Solid Colored Decorations

It is true that you pay a premium for specialty cups, plates, tablecloths and more.  Instead of buying your theme products, use solid colored tablecloths, streamers and balloons.

Accent With Themed Products

Buy 2-3 Mylar balloons in the theme you chose for your party.  Add n themed cups to go alongside your solid colored tablecloth and cups.  These accents will make the party theme pop against the solid background and appear much more prominent.

Give Out Classic Party Favors

Grab bags of fun little things like toys, bubbles and plastic snacks or airplanes are great party favors.  No need to go with fancy themed products.  Enjoy the inexpensive items that are always a classic at parties for kids.  They will be thrilled to get the noise makers, bubble gum and toys that are inexpensive.

Use Tons Of Balloons

 Nothing is better to decorate on a budget for parties than balloons.  You can get hundreds of balloons for just a few dollars.  Buy or rent a helium tank to blow up all of the balloons with.

How to Decorate on a Budget for Parties

Put clusters all over your home.  Tie them to doorknobs, backs of chairs or to cabinet handles.  Alternate colors adding in a few metallic ones here and there for pops of color to match your theme.

Make Your Own Banners

Get your kids together with some butcher paper, stamps, paints and stencils to make your own fun banners.  Not only are they going to be unique and customized to your party, they are much less expensive than custom banners you have to buy.  Inexpensive stencils and paint can be found in your local dollar stores making it super easy and affordable to create a banner to decorate on a budget for parties you host.  Or you can always go for something like these ones 🙂

Buy A Pinata

 This is one of my favorite inexpensive ways to decorate and entertain at the same time.  A pinata is the perfect statement piece decoration to put in a corner of your home and stuff full of candy and prizes.

How to Decorate on a Budget for Parties

Not only is it something you can find fairly easily in a multitude of themes, it is fun for kids of all ages.

No matter what your party theme is, it is easy to decorate on budget for parties.  Use solid colors and accent with fun things to make your theme pop.  Get your kids involved setting up decorations and creating fun banners.  Think outside the box and use items you already have on hand to upgrade your decorations with things like silver, gold and other metallic pieces that sparkle.

Throw an amazing party on a budget using my easy decorating tips 🙂

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