DIY Christmas Napkin Ring Ideas-Burlap Holiday Napkin Ring

Do you love dressing up your dining table for the holiday season?In search of perfect holiday table setting and entertaining some  DIY Christmas napkin ring ideas? Making the perfect holiday napkin ring can really make your guests feel welcome and in the holiday spirit. If you want to decorate your table for the holiday season, but don’t have a lot of cash or time, take a peek below at how to craft your own beautiful burlap holiday napkin rings. With just a few simple supplies, you can make your own burlap napkin rings perfect for decorating your table and treating your guests.

Once they are crafted, you can give a set of beautiful burlap holiday napkin rings as a gift or keep them for yourself and your table. If you have time, you can even do both! These napkin rings not only look great, but they are a great way to treat your guests and add that special touch. Ready to start crafting your own? Here is how you can get started!

Beautiful Burlap Holiday Napkin Ring

DIY Christmas Napkin Ring Ideas

Supplies needed to make DIY Christmas Napkin Ring

Cardboard rolls (use bathroom tissue or paper towel rolls)
Twine or Ribbon of choice (choose a thin variety that is easy to snip and tie)
Thick burlap ribbon (Dollar Tree, we used red but green and natural were available as well)
Hot glue, glue gun

DIY Christmas Napkin Ring Ideas
As mentioned, we found the supplies to give shape to this cute DIY Christmas napking ring idea at our local Dollar Tree. Our total cost for this project was just a few dollars, and we had plenty of supplies left over for other projects or to create several of these if we wanted to. Of course, the cardboard tubes were free, and compliments of our recycling bin.

Once you have your supplies, you are ready to get crafting your holiday napkin ring! Gather the kids if you wish, lay your materials out on your work space, and prepare to begin.


1. Begin by cutting your cardboard tubes into 2 inch lengths. This is typically the perfect size for a napkin ring. You can usually get 3-4 rings out of each tube you use, depending on the length.

2. Wrap each segment in a length of burlap ribbon. Simply wrap, cut to fit, and adhere to the cardboard tube with some hot glue. Press in place until dry and secure.

DIY Christmas Napkin Ring Ideas

3. When the burlap segment is in place, you can add the twine. Cut a length, wrap it around the ring, and tie into a simple bow. We used one piece of twine, but feel free to use two if you want more bulk.

4. Repeat these steps to create more napkin rings with the remaining cardboard tubes and burlap.

To use your burlap napkin rings, roll your napkin and slide it through the ring. As you can see, simple white napkins look great in them. Or, you can use colored napkins.

Gather your supplies and give these easy and inexpensive burlap holiday napkin rings a try. It is a wonderful way to use inexpensive materials to make some sweet table décor!

Have your own DIY Christmas napkin ring ideas to share? Please use the comment section so we all can hear it 🙂



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