DIY Halloween Candy Shaped Cupcake Toppers!


Time for presenting yet another fabulous guest blogger!

Meet Glenda!  me

She is an amazing Mom of 4, a dear friend and  passionate business owner of Seshalyn Party Ideas where she shares party ideas, tips and DIY party crafts with her readers. Glenda is a very VERY creative DIY’R (err….is there such a term?Anyhoo, never mind! You get the picture,right?).   Glenda’s creations  are truly amazing  and they are very easy to follow even for not much of an artistic person like me. Glenda is also the founder of Solopreneur Mom where she shares business resources, services and tips for entrepreneur women. You could also find her at Seshalyn’s Party Boutique (Exclusively for fab and chic items for your party!) and her social media pages like Facebook and Pinterest

Glenda was so kind to share her DIY on Halloween Candy Shaped Cupcake Toppers with you guys and I am so thrilled about this. You know why? Remember, I shared a little Halloween Cupcake recipe with you a couple of weeks ago? This Toppers would be perfect for them!   I can’t wait to bake those yummy cupcakes again and top it up with Glenda’ special Halloween Candy Shaped Toppers! Perfect timing, right? 

Thank you  Glenda! Truly appreciate this. Over to you now !



Hello to all you Momless Mom readers! I’m really excited and honored to be contributing to Vinma’s blog today! Vinma is a wonderful colleague in the blogging world. She’s one of the most dedicated bloggers that I have met and I am very thankful that she has given me the opportunity to contribute with a guest post. Thanks Vinma! I hope you enjoy this super fun little party project that you can use for this upcoming Halloween! These Halloween candy shaped cupcake toppers are very simple to elaborate and will add a super cute not-too spooky touch to your Halloween cupcakes!


Halloween Cupcake Toppers


Here’s what you will need to make your candy shaped cupcake toppers:


Materials Needed  

1 inch foam balls

• Halloween themed paper napkins

• Scissors

• Tape

• White Glue

• Glue Sticks

• Toothpicks

• Curling Ribbon

• Tissue Paper (Optional: You can substitute the paper napkins with tissue paper.)




Step 1

Cut your paper napkins into 4 strips, using the width of the napkins and cutting them about 4 inches apart.



You should end up with about 8 strips per napkin. Exact measurements are not required. The key is to cut your paper napkins in strips that will cover your 1 inch foam ball.

Step 2

 Use your glue stick to spread glue around the entire 1 inch foam ball, then lay it on your paper napkin.


Step 3

 Roll your paper napkin snuggly around your foam ball and then place a small piece of tape at the end of your wrap.



Step 4

 Take two pieces of your curling ribbon and tie the two ends of your napkins as close as you can to the foam ball. Proceed to cut off any excessive curling ribbon. Also, cut off any excessive napkin to create your candy shapes.

Step 5

 Dip a toothpick in your white glue and carefully insert it into your candy shaped foam ball. Wipe off excessive glue and set them aside to dry.


That’s it! You are now ready to style your yummy cupcakes with your cute candy shaped toppers!


I hope you enjoyed this DIY party craft as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you! If you like to party, I’m your best friend ! Visit me over at Seshalyn’s Party Ideas for more DIY Party Crafts, party recipes, party ideas and party fun! Hope to see you there! -Glenda


  1. Those cupcake toppers are adoreable and perfect for Halloween. We are having Halloween tonight in our town.

  2. What a cute idea for a cupcake topper. You could really use them for many occasions it would be cute for Christmas cupcakes too. I like that it is a simple, yet creative craft.

    1. Hello Melinda,

      I’m glad you liked them. Christmas sounds like an awesome occasion for them. Swith up the color theme and you are good to go!

  3. Hi Glenda! Good to meet you here!  Thanks for your party craft idea… very creative!

    Thanks again Vinma.

  4. When I first came to America, way back when, one of the first things I was struck with were all the local craft fairs and the most astonishing ability of so many to produce such beautiful wares. My admiration as never waned, especially as someone who has absolutely no clue about making anything. Oh I used to knit a bit, if that counts.

    And here you are making it all so easy even for the lamest among us (yes I mean me) what a beautiful job. I really enjoyed your great pics.

    1. Oh Elle, what a lovely comment 🙂 Thank you! I think knitting counts big time! I can’t knit for the life of me!

      I’m really glad you liked the pictures and thank you for all the lovely compliments! I’m sure you would make the cutest little candy cupcake toppers 🙂

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