Do’s and Don’ts of Networking in the Blogging World


Being a blogger for the last 5 years, I have picked up a thing or two about doing it right.

Oh sure, I still make mistakes on a regular basis which leave me wondering when will I ever learn all that is there to know about blogging. Ok kidding kidding. We can never know everything about everything- universal principle, people.

I am by no means a blogging expert or use this space to share my blogging knowledge all that much. If you are a regular reader, you would know I am just a Parenting and Lifestyle blogger.  But I do know a bit about the trade and one of them being, Networking. I want to share some ideas on the subject. If done right, you can leverage your networking skills to build a successful blogging career. You ask how? Read on!

Networking is crucial in the blogging world! It truly does take a tribe to build a blog. You can write all you want but without some loyal bloggy friends getting traffic is going to be hard. Blogging friends are their to support each other and build each other’s blogs. If you haven’t started networking with other bloggers, you will want to start now!


Do and Don’ts of Networking in the Blogging World


Do's and Don'ts of Networking in the Blogging world

1. Do Comment on Other Blogs! 

In order to build connections with other bloggers you need to show an interest in their blog. Any blogger knows how important comments are and how much we look forward to them after pouring our heart into a post. Let other bloggers know that you appreciate what they have blogged about.


2. Don’t Leave Meaningless Comments.

Sometimes not leaving a comment is better than leaving one. Please don’t comment saying “Love your blog, please come visit me” these types of comments are meaningless and won’t help you build relationships.

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3. Do Share Other Bloggers Stuff.

There are several Facebook groups you can participate in where everyone shares each others stuffs. These groups are great for building traffic but they don’t always build relations. If you participate in these groups you are required to share! Find a few blogs that you truly enjoy and share their stuff because you really enjoy it, not because you are required.


4. Don’t Talk About Other Bloggers.

If you have been around the blogging community for any length of time then you know how catty things can get. Please for the sake of your reputation and your blogs, do not talk bad about other bloggers. There are always going to be people we don’t click with but there is no need to talk bad about other bloggers. Gossiping about bloggers will only hurt you in the long run! Remember that nothing you say is safe!


5. Do Attend a Blogging Conference.

Attending a blogging conference is a great way to network and build relations. If attending a blogging conference is financially possible then find one to attend. Blogging conferences are all about learning and networking. You can build life long blogging buddies at a blog conference. I should take my own advice on this one. The last conference I attended was some 4 years ago. Time to check into it. Thanks for the reminder 😉


Do's and Don'ts of Networking in the Blogging world

6. Don’t Get Jealous.

There is always going to be a blogger that is getting paid more than you, being invited to cool conference and getting awesome stuff from brands. It’s easy to get jealous but instead try being happy for the blogger. With hard work and dedication you will soon be that blogger! Let the blogger know how happy you are for them.


Are you a blogger or online entreprenuer? Do you have tried and true ways of Networking that are shareworthy?

We are listening 🙂



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