E.M.Tippetts Books Review

  E.M. Tippetts.

I first came across her book, Someone Else’s Fairly Tale approximately two years ago. I happened to own a copy on my black berry and one evening, when I thought I was ready to try a new author, Tippetts showed up on the radar. I finished reading the Fairy Tale in about two days time and felt my hours reading the book, well worth. Her genre is Chic lit (Romance) and her way of story telling is interesting enough for the reader to pursue the extra ordinary and the untold in the most ordinary circumstances of life.

E.M Tippetts Books Review

Book Reviews- Some One Else's Fairy Tale and Nobody's Damsel

    Fast forward to a year ago, I came across Tippetts and her works again in the vast online world and decided to seek her out to review for her. I asked for one but she sent me two to read! Yeah, Someone Else’s Fairy Tale was followed by a Part Two series named Nobody’s Damsel. It was like a stroke of good luck for me and I plunged into these books as soon as it arrived in the mail. I am doing a review on both books at the same time, one after the other in which you will enter the world of Chloe Winters and Jason Vanderholt and a few of other remarkable characters who weaves into the plot of these books.

Someone Else’s Fairy Tale 

The story takes place in Albuquerque, largest city in the US state of Mexico. Chloe Winters, a senior in UNMUniversity is an ordinary girl who had a rough childhood and growing up and treats life with an intensity and seriousness which is unheard of in girls of her age.  Jason Vanderholt is an A-list movie star who hails from her town. While Jason is a star in every right in the movie world, Chloe treads quietly in the paths of her life with no time to watch Jason’s movies or craze after him like his fans. 

 Fate brings two of them together one day and it changes  them both and people surrounding them. Jason is completely taken over by Chloe’s quiet demeanor and her indifference to his movie star persona while Chloe is overwhelmed by the attention Jason is showering over her which she feels for all the wrong reasons. The more Jason tries to get close to Chloe, the more she tries to put a distance between them which is not taking either of their expectations anywhere. Chloe was a victim of a certain crime in her earlier years and her life is a constant battle to get over the fears and insecurities that pull her down.

Chloe obviously thinks Jason deserves somebody else better than her and that she is not worthy to play such an important part in this fairy tale which could never be hers. She strongly believes Jason is falling for the wrong person and that this is someone else’s fairy tale and not hers. An important event in Chloe’s life brings Jason closer to Chloe more than she ever wanted him to be and for the first time, she begins to see the true person hidden underneath Jason’s stardom. This realization put Chloe in more turmoil. Her friends Mathew and Lori in the book serves as catalysts to put Chloe’s feelings into perspective. They help her come to a decision that ultimately seals the destiny of both Jason and Chloe.

Some of the other characters who also pass by the story line sprinkles valuable insights into Chloe’s past life and how it turned her to a person that she is today. Chloe’s Mom, her Dad, Jason’s parents and siblings, the Sheriff of her town, Chloe’s step brother and step sister-all of them help in coloring the image of the character drawn for Chloe bit by bit as the book progresses and the reader finally understands Chloe for who she is and accepts the ‘happily ever after’ that she chooses for herself. If you are curious to know what became of Chloe, check this book out and find out for yourself!

 Nobody’s Damsel (Someone Else’s Fairytale Someone Else’s Fairytale

Nobody’s Damsel

Life has changed quite a lot for Chloe when we meet her again in this sequel. For starters, Chloe is not Chloe Winters anymore. Officially she is wife to a movie star and goes by the name Chloe Vanderholt. After completing her Masters, Chloe takes up the job of Forensic Scientist with Albuquerque Police Department. We see her on her first case on the job, a crime against a little girl which Chloe relates to quickly as she was also a survivor of a crime committed against her when she was of this little girl’s age. As for her personal life, the paparazzi won’t leave her alone for one minute and constantly tail her everywhere- to work and back home and in between shopping. The press and media are eager to show off a picture of failing marriage and impending divorce for Chloe and Jason and intensely a private person that she is, Chloe realizes miserably that her private life has turned to public with her marriage to Jason.

 Chloe is constantly judged by the tabloids and the verdicts are passed along the lines of how unfit she is to Jason’s life and he deserves someone better than her, for example, Jason’s current co-star Vicki Hanson. Chloe trusts Jason immensely and would not be wavered by this bickering of newspapers but recent turn of events plants seeds in her mind which slowly start to blossom to full fledged insecurities and loneliness-her old companions from previous life. Her job as a forensic scientist yield fruitless results in finding the little girl who has gone missing for days now and Chloe fears the safety of the child. Soon they are presented with crucial evidence which leads to the child’s whereabouts. Will they be able to save the little girl on time? Is there still a silver lining shining through the dark clouds?

     As for the personal life, will Chloe and Jason be able to work through the differences in their mindsets and salvage their marriage? Or will the tabloids gamble their life away and destroy what Chloe and Jason share together-the sanctity of their relationship?

My Take

I really enjoyed reading Someone Else’s Fairy Tale. It has the elements of excitement, mystery, suspense and romance in the right blend. I instantly fell in love with Chloe and somewhere in her character, I think I met Bella from Twilight series. Since I love Bella so much, Chloe was an instant hit too. I did not put this book down until I finished reading it. The author tirelessly brings out the life and emotions that is suppressed underneath Chloe’s personality and I was gripped by the purity of this character’s thoughts and her aspirations in life. Things turned out well for Chloe in this story and all in all, I got a good read out of it.

To be honest, Nobody’s Damsel did not quite meet my expectations as its prior sequel did. Not sure, if it’s because I was expecting too much in the first place or because the story line took a different turn from the start itself. As I mentioned in the review, it is sort of a crime novel. It does focus on the relation between Jason and her but may be not to the right degree, which kind of misses the mark and balance that Someone Else’s Fairy Tale sets in the beginning of Chloe’s story. But the investigative part of the book is knitted together well and the end of it brings some sort of closure to the readers and the characters that play it. Bottom line? Still a good read- not just as a squeal but also as a stand alone. If interested, go for it! You will get more information on both these works at the Author’s official page here. 

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