Early Winter Blues

Winter is not too far away from us when November arrives. And that means, bringing out all those layers  that we have-  jackets, fleeces, mittens, gloves, scarfs and the like. Being winter-ready is a procedure and time consuming. Yes, I hate it. But being prepared and well prepared can’t hurt when we have kids and making sure that they will be ready to face the weather which could be either benevolent or malevolent this year. The recent weather disasters like the earthquake in British Columbia and the  all powerful Hurricane Sandy has taken the toll on us, North Americans. It has come to a point that we never could guess what sort of weather is in store for us tomorrow and get ready to face the unpredictability of it. The power outrages in various parts of United States and closer to home, Toronto in the aftermath of Sandy
will take days and days to get restored. For the same reason, we will have to give special attention to the coming months of winter.
                          This season, I am planning to update all the vaccinations for the kids along with Kevin’s first flu shot. Kevin’s diet already includes a good amount of protein and calcium as well as sources of omega 3 which will keep him to boost up his immunity and  fight the probable coughs and cold that could be encountered along the way. Krista’s formula feeding is enriched with probiotics which is helping her greatly already. The solid food items that we supplement for her in her diet is also packed with all the good stuff like protein,  vitamins, iron, omega 3 and such. Since birth, she hasn’t gotten badly sick other than low blood sugar which was taken care of at the hospital in the beginnings.
                              When it comes to winter jackets, Krista will be in need of a real warm coat and I am planning to pay a visit to Children’s Place soon! Kevin is good there as he got a nice winter jacket as a gift from one of our cousins.Boots is a priority as well but I think Kevin can still fit into the one from last year and I have already bought a pair of cute leopard print boots for Krista from Carters.  I will also make it a point to stock upon the accessories like mittens, hats and scarfs which always seem to vanish after each season..Coming to think of it, it can’t hurt to get a nice hat for myself as well. I know winter is still a month away… But didn’t you notice its getting cold already!!! In fact,  I might even do my winter apparel shopping this weekend.There, now I have all the legitimate reasons to shop and knock myself out without feeling guilty. Yes! 

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  1. I just loved reading this! It is this very vivid, very colourful description of winter preparations. And with that very special personal touch!
    Something I can only imagine from here in India, but you have described it so well that I can see all of it happening, in every single detail. 🙂

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