Easter Thoughts from Isolation


We are left with a different kind of Easter this year.

Easter in Isolation.

It’s new. It’s rather unique.

We are used to family get-togethers this time of the year.  We plan dinners, do shopping as we please, and carry out our celebrations without a hitch. We go to church and participate in services and vigil. We say hi to strangers, hug our family and friends and go for Easter egg hunt with our children. The Normal on Easter was all that and more.


Easter Thoughts while Quarentined

No one had restricted our mobility before, we were not ordered to stay inside to save lives. There wasn’t COVID 19 before…

The world is quite different lately. Pollution is way less, traffic next to nothing, fewer people on the road and our parks are empty. You won’t see kids playing on our streets, but will see the physical distance observed in earnest by young and old alike. Schools are deserted and void of playful chatter, Parents have now become teachers.   Our churches are empty of their congregation, services are streamed live for believers who can safely observe them from the comfort of their homes.

This is our Normal now. A new normal.


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But what is that thing about humans? Yes, Resilience. We have that going on for us. We know this too shall pass. We know together we are strong, but being Apart is what makes us stronger. We are survivors and every day we inch closer to freedom and good health. Hence we are homestead, doing our part in flattening the curve.

There IS a tomorrow. A safe one, a healthy one. And together we will make sure to witness that day. To wake up to that day. Flowers will bloom again, we will hug each other again, even strangers to our heart’s content. There won’t be a place for fear, or masks or gloves. Or stockpiling.

Love will prevail. And Perseverance. And Joy.

Like our Lay Pastoral Assistant at the Parish said- Easter will arrive twice this year – on Sunday April 12th, 2020 and then again when we are all allowed to gather for the first time.  Won’t that be a wonderful celebration?


Yes it will be a wonderful celebration. We will wait in earnest to witness that day, Together but Apart, stronger than ever.


Happy Easter.




With love, Vinma


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