Easy ‘ARRRRRRT’ Project for Kids: Paper Plate Pirate


Can we ever get enough of pirates?

I don’t think so!

Pirates are great for Halloween or any time of the year really. In fact, why not grab a few basic supplies and create some pirate fun yourself by making this Pirate Paper Plate? This easy art project for kids  is so fun to make using just a few basic supplies you may already have around your home. Take a look below at how you can make your own and have an arrrrrtfully good time!

Paper Plate Pirate

Easy Art Project for Kids: Paper Plate Pirate

Supplies Needed

1 paper plate
Scrap fabric
Google eye
Binder ring
Craft glue
Construction paper


1. To begin, you want to make the bandana for your pirate. Their hair gets awfully windblown otherwise! Cut a piece of scrap fabric to fit over the top arch of the plate. This will be in a half moon shape. Apply some glue and press it to the top of the plate until its adhered well. You can take a few smaller scraps to create a tie or gathering on the corner. Just snip and glue!

2. You now want to create the face on your pirate. Just draw a mouth, nose, and eyes. On one eye, go ahead and glue a google eye on. On the opposite eye, you want to cut a rough circle out of your construction paper for an eye patch. Secure the eye patch with glue. A simple strip of black construction paper across the face is ideal for the eye patch strap. Just snip and glue.
3. Use your scissors to make a small puncture on the side of the plate. This is where your pirate’s earring will go! Arrrrr! Just loop the metal loop through the hole and secure.

You can now add any finishing touches you want. A little beard scruff with black marker perhaps? Some rosy cheeks? Some facial stitches? This pirate is yours, so get creative and give him some personalized charm.

Your pirate is now ready for display. Prop him in a window, on a mantel or bookshelf, or hang him on your child’s bedroom door. This pirate is so easy to whip up, why not gather the kids and make a whole gang of them to get rowdy on the open seas?Come Halloween season (I know we have a long way to go for that! 😉 Don’t want to wait? Then, just do it with your kiddos when you feel crafty one afternoon! 🙂 ) , give this easy (ARRRRRRT) art project for kids a try and see how simple and inexpensive it is to enjoy some pirate fun!


  1. I will be visiting my two little nieces for easter. I think we will do this craft, but turn it into a bunny instead. Thank you for the great idea!

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