Easy Christmas Craft for Kids- Hand Print Santa Clause

Okay, I apologize in advance for  blasting you up with a Christmas craft already!

I know, I know- it is not even December yet, I know some of you haven’t even started thinking of the holiday shopping..but hey, this easy Christmas craft for kids I quickly put together might get you in the mood in no time! Like I said, This is perfect to make together with your kiddos on those snowy  evenings(ahem, not yet! Or is it already in your part of the world?) or while enjoying just some indoor time when it is pouring outside! It could even work to set your mood in the holiday spirit! 🙂

Now, there is something special about this craft!

Santa Clause is the face of Christmas for many and this fun Handprint Santa Clause Craft will be perfect for the little ones to make and hang as a decoration this year!  These are fun crafts that are easy to do with the younger kids and a great way to track their growth over the years if you do one per year as they grow.  If you have a large family you can have the whole family create one and make a fun and cool collage of Santas to hang in a frame and share each year.  Great for preschool and MOPS activities this is a fun way to occupy the kids and do something useful that can be used as a gift for moms, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Easy Christmas Craft for Kids- Hand Print Santa Clause

Easy Christmas Craft- Hand Print Santa Claus



Construction Paper or Card Stock

Kids Washable Paints: White, Red, Black

Paint Brushes (Regular small or Foam are easiest with kids)

Paint Smocks or Old Shirts to cover their clothes

Newspaper or Butcher paper to cover work surface

Embellishments like jingle bells, ribbon and glitter if desired to decorate Santa’s hat with

Baby Wipes or Damp Paper Towels for dirty hands

Permanent Markers

Googly Eyes (if desired)

Glue (if needed)


  • Cover work surface with newspaper or butcher paper to protect from spills
  • Have children wash and dry hands well and put on old shirt or paint smock
  • Give each child a piece of construction paper or card stock.  Brush their hand completely with white paint and have them press down on the paper.  Hold their hand steady and remove carefully so not to smear.
  • Wipe painted hands well and paint a simple red triangle at top for Santa Hat.  May embellish with jingle bell glitter, ribbon or other accents as desired.
  • Use permanent marker or googly eyes to create Santa’s eyes. 

Christmas Craft- Santa

Remember to mark each craft with your child’s name and date so you can track their growth year to year.  This is a fun, fast and easy Christmas craft for kids to occupy them for a few minutes that also doubles as a gift.  The handprint Santa Clause craft is a classic that will be a hit with all ages.

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