DIY Herb Planter- Easy Craft Idea for Kids

Planting herbs is not only fun, it is a great way to have fresh flavors on hand at all times. You can plant your own herbs indoors or on a patio, and enjoy their fresh flavor all season long. Take a look at how with a few simple supplies, we made our own DIY herb planter. These planters can be personalized according to what herb it is holding, and it is a fun and decorative way to grow. Not to mention, kids will have a blast making this with you. 

Take a look!


DIY Herb Planter
DIY Herb Planter- Craft for kids

Here are the supplies you will need

Supplies needed for DIY Herb planter

Small metal planting container (we found ours at the local dollar store)


Pebbles or gravel

Herb plants

Magnet letters (we found ours at the local dollar store)

Colored spray paint

Choose a spray paint color that appeals to you. We picked gold for a bold statement, but you can use any color you wish.

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1. Begin by laying the magnets on a piece of old newspaper. Spray them with two coats of paint, allowing them plenty of time to dry in between each coat.

2. In your metal planter, lay a layer of gravel or rock. This will help the plant to drain.

3. Add a layer of soil, topping it with your herb plant. Pack more soil around the plant so the roots are covered well and the plant is protected.

4. Once your magnets are dry, use them as plant markers. You can stick the letters right on the front of the planter, spelling out the name of the plant. For our aloe plant, we spelled out “ALOE” so it was easy to identify it from the others.

5. You can change the letters from season to season as your plants change, placing your letter magnets on the refrigerator or any metal surface in between plantings.

Now all you need to do is put your herb planter in a sunny window. Water it regularly and in no time you will be picking fresh herbs for all of your cooking needs.

Give this easy herb planter a try. Being an easy craft idea for kids, you could have fun together as family making this!   

And you are sure to keep your herbs organized in a way that is fun and decorative!


  1. what a fabulously cute idea! and easy too which I love. My girls would love planting there own with their name on it

  2. I love how your aloe planter turned out… it looks so cute. And the magnet idea is genius! My daughter would love decorating a planter like this.

  3. This is really neat. I would never have thought of using the magnetic letters, and I just so happen to have a metal container and gold spray paint on hand!

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