Easy Halloween Craft- Bat Wall Hanging

Hope you are enjoying the “Halloween 2014” series. Today’s post will give you yet another idea to make an easy Halloween craft at home with your kids. Try this out today and make your home hauntingly beautiful on a budget!Find the rest of the posts in this series at “Halloween 2014” category. Happy reading 🙂


Do you go batty over bats? If so, you will love this beautiful bat wall hanging craft, made from just a few Dollar Tree supplies. Perfect for sprucing up your front door, hallway, or even office, this Halloween Bat Wall Hanging is sure to add some charm and lots of spooky color. Take a look below at how we made our own easy Halloween craft  in just minutes.

This is a great craft, perfect for kids or adults. Here is how you can get started at creating your own.

Dollar Store DIY: Halloween Bat Wall Hanging

Easy Halloween Craft Ideas- Bat Wall Hanging

Here is what you will need to make this easy Halloween Craft

Plastic plates in purple

Bat die cuts (Sold in pack of 12 for $1)

Black branches (Sold in the rose bundles)

Hot glue, glue gun

Craft glue

Mod Podge (optional)

Halloween ribbon


Easy Halloween Craft Ideas- Bat Wall HangingAs you can see, these are all items you can find at your local Dollar store. For just a few dollars, you can make several of these bat wall hangings. Mod Podge in this project is optional. You can use it and find it at your local craft store. However, craft glue will work for this step as well.


1. Begin by applying some craft glue or Mod Podge to the top of the plate. Place the bat cut out over it and press down. Pour a second coat of Mod Podge or craft glue over the bat. Smooth it over the bat until there is a thin coat. This will seal it to the plate.

2. On the bottom left of the plate, use your hot glue to attach some of the black branches. Just apply the glue, press, and hold until dry.

3. Place another bat over the branches like it is perching on it. To do this step, just use a little craft or hot glue and adhere it to the branch.

4. Cut a length of ribbon for hanging the plate. Simply cut the ribbon, glue it to the back of the plate, and your piece is now ready to be displayed.

To display your bat wall hanging, all you need to do is place the ribbon over a hook, wreath hook, or nail. You can even hang it from a door knob if you wish.

Give this beautiful bat wall hanging a try. It is the perfect easy Halloween craft for anyone who wants their home to look hauntingly good, but on a budget!


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