Enjoy Music in Your Terms with CozyPhones


How do you like your music?

Do you take your favorites along on the go, in the car, at work, sweating it out at the gym,  home relaxing or even at groceries? You and me both my friend. There is really no time and place to listen to some good music. agree? I don’t mind that extra spring on my steps while humming along with the latest on the playlist anytime, anywhere.

Oh and those inspiring Ted-x talks, podcasts and audiobooks? Don’t forget.

We are allowed to have some fun when we please, and our hectic life shouldn’t be a reason not to. General consensus.

Please excuse my eyebrows. Badly need some TLC 🙁


I mostly use my iPhone headphones. You know the one that comes with the package. I like it, its comfy most of the time except when I am working out. I don’t know why or if it is just me, but my headphones have a tendency to fall out of my ears when I am on the treadmill or doing pushups etc. It was a pet peeve of mine, one I couldn’t solve until  Cozyphones came along! I put them on, pair it with my iPhone via Bluetooth, and Voila! Everything is suddenly better!

I can hear my music loud and clear. so comfortable and no risk of them falling off regardless my moves. This is everything I ever needed in my workout time. These days CozyPhone is a permanent fixture on my head as I find it hard to part with.


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As you might know,  I always talk about the importance of music and how it is factored into our self-care in daily living. CozyPhones can definitely help with that. Do what makes you happy. If listening to soulful music and inspiring podcasts is one of those things that are beneficial to your self-care, don’t let technology pull you behind.  I have used Cozyphones and I know how great they are. If Audio is a big part of your life as they are in mine, give Cozyphones a try. And listen to what you love in your terms!


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***Disclosure: I received a pair of CozyPhones to facilitate an unbiased review. Opinions stated are my own based on experience**** 


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