10 Essential Items to Pack For Solo Trips


Thanksgiving for me this year was a bit different. My dad fell ill over past couple of weeks and I made a quick decision to go visit him.  As there were prior commitments to attend Thanksgiving dinners with family and other extended relatives,  I decided to go alone and leave my kids behind with husband so they get to meet their cousins they haven’t seen in a while. After all, Thanksgiving is all about family!

Under the circumstances, it was the best decision! Two reasons.

I got to spend time with my Dad alone on Thanksgiving which has NEVER happened before. I was in for a ton of bonding time. Last, I had quality time with Dad was 15 years ago. So you see, this was pretty much overdue.

Where he lives is a good 2 hours away by road and it called for a nice long drive and I loved it! I found myself travelling solo which again has NEVER happened since the time I got married and had kids. For a minute there, I was lost while packing my stuff for a hasty road trip. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to pack for just one person!

Preparing for travel always involved a lion’s share of packing my kids’ clothes and gears, husband’s clothes and knick-knacks and finally mine. Tons of time was spent on packing and I always used to get stressed out with the fear of NOT packing our essentials-things we will ACTUALLY need on our time away from home.

In all honesty, I hated the Prepare Mode of our family Travels.

But my Solo Travel was a revelation to me! I liked the ease involved in getting ready. Which even got me to write a new blog post that is all about essential items to pack for solo trips! What can I say, I am a nerd!


10 Essential Items to Pack For Solo Trips

Essential items to pack for a solo trip

When you travel alone, you have to pack smart. You will be the only one carrying your bags to and from, and you want to make sure you have everything you might need.

Tips for a Successful Solo Trip 

So below I will share some essential travel gear for solo trips. These are items that will help make your trip a little bit easier and keep you safe.

1. Pack Light

 You are going to be carrying your luggage alone. Whether you are on a bus, train, car or airplane, you want to make sure you can carry your luggage easily. So pack the essential items, and don’t go overboard with things! That way you can carry your luggage so much easier.

2. Packing Cubes

 Packing cubes work great for keeping things organized in your suitcase! This is great if you are stopping at different locations often. Suitcases can get messy fast, and with these little cubes you can separate things out well. Make sure to use one or bring a bag for dirty clothes to go in. 

3. Luggage with Wheels

 This goes along with the first one on packing light! Buy luggage that has wheels, so it is easy to pull it instead of lugging on your back. Also invest in a backpack for those essential items you can grab easily.

4. Safety Whistle

 This is one that I do recommend to have handy. If you are traveling alone, you want to make sure you are protected in case something were to happen.

5. Zip Up Pocket Jacket

 If you are going to a destination that you might need a jacket, think of one with zip up pockets. That way you can put money, bus tickets and more in the pockets and not worry about it falling out. Another thing to look for is secret pockets on the inside, that is the best way to hide credit cards and such if you don’t want to carry a purse or wallet around. 

6. Sleep Mask

 You never know how the room you will be sleeping in will be like. Pack a sleep mask so you get the essential sleep you will need for traveling. 

7. First Aid Kit

 Make sure to pack a little first aid kit! You can buy one that is ready to go or create your own. Pack bandaids, antacids, anti-diarrhea meds, headache medicine, and so on. That way if you get a cut or don’t feel good along the way you have a first aid kit. 

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8. Emergency Contact Card

 Make sure that you have an emergency contact card with you. You can even write the information down on a piece of paper and keep in your wallet. Just grab an index card and write your information down. That way if you do get in an accident the hospital can call your family. 

9. Blankets and Snacks for Car

If you are traveling by car, make sure you have a flashlight, blanket, a few snacks in the car. That way if your car breaks down or something and leaves you stranded you can manage for the night if you have to.

10. Power Bank for Cell Phone

 Invest in a power bank. This is great for a portable charger for your phone. If you find your phone battery is dying and can’t find anywhere to plug in your phone, just plug into the portable power bank. It will charge your phone. This is a great item to keep in bag or purse, so you are never stranded without cell service.  

What would be an item you recommend when travelling alone to bring with you? 

10 Essential items to pack for solo trips


***Disclosure: Product recommendations are affiliate links, however, I only introduce them if I have used them and knows it works***


  1. Great list ! Power bank for your cell and the zipper pockets are the best ! You need to be prepared when traveling alone for sure !

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