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Have you heard of Everbuying.com

It is an online wholesale retail company functioning in the international whole sale market. They specialize in selling electronics, house hold items and contemporary fashion at the cheapest prices possible and claims to be successfully serving their world wide customer base since 2006.

I was amazed browsing through their wide array of products with attractive price tags !

They have online shopping departments ranging from Electronics and Apparel  to Home and Beauty, Toys and Hobbies and Outdoor Sports and Activities. All of these departments come with zillions of categories and subcategories of consumer goods! I was able to find any product I could think of in their site with a mind blowing price labelled on it! No, I am not kidding! 

For example, this 7 ”  Android 4.0 with super slim dual cameras costs $54. 50 USD!

Everbuying.com Hot Deals!And you get free shipping (ships in 24 hrs) for all items! If you are interested in checking this out further, they have a deal going on right now- Take $12 Off Orders of $110 or More on Tablet PCs & Free Shipping. Coupon Code: FEB0412Aff


An item from their Toy department also attracted my attention. This Mini Palmtop Style Educational Game Player with Game Driver Memory Stick  costs $13.49! 

Mini Palmtop Style Educational Game Player with Game Driver Memory Stick

This Apple Peeler they sent me to review is really a keeper in terms of the price ($14.05 USD) and also the efficiency with which it  peeled and sliced my apples to make our ‘yearly apple pie making’  tradition easier in our family!

Apple Peeler Review

We usually end up making 15-20 pies between us after the apple picking season every year- By us, I mean me, my Mother in law and my sister in law. Needless to say, we are looking at a lot of apples here and it is literally impossible to peel and slice each of them manually! 

My Sister in  law already owns an apple peeler and she thinks it really makes her job easier in prepping the apples. She paid good money for the peeler and it looks exactly like the one I received from Everbuying.com, but for a much cheaper price! The peeler is sharp, easy to cut and to clean after use. Quality is great and worth every penny! 

I must say, I have used only one product,  this Apple Peeler from Everbuying.com which they sent me for free for review purposes. So I  cannot possibly vouch for ALL their products in terms of quality and the value of it. But I can truthfully say that considering the offers they have on free shipping world wide and the affordable prices on the items, it is sure worth a try to check them out on your next online shopping endeavor! Oh, you can now save 8% Off & Free Shipping Sitewide with the  coupon Code: JAN0480AFF, valid till February 28th,2014.

Good luck! 🙂

*****Disclosure:I was sent one of the products mentioned in this post free of charge from Everbuying.com for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are my own and it is honest. This post contains affiliate links******


  1. This is the very first I have heard of Everbuying.com. My Hubs does a lot of shopping on line so I am going to have him check this out.
    I have an apple peeler that looks just like yours.

  2. I could definitely use an apple peeler like that one; that is a great deal, especially with free shipping. I often find really nice things I would like to order online, only to find that the shipping prices are completely outrageous. I’m glad to hear that’s not the case with this site! 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot for this post I will be bookmarking this page, I love buying great items for less, Im going there now to check some more stuff out

  4. I have worked with them as well and I loved it. I got a pair of boots and they were cute, the only bad thing was they were too small, even though I wear the size I asked for. They just run small I guess, but I still gave them a great review. Shipping was fast too!

    1. Yes, they have great service with shipping considering it comes all the way from China. And it was packed well too, no complaints there. 🙂

  5. I just visited their site and looks like they have some really awesome items! I love that they offer free shipping along with their super reasonable prices.

  6. I’ve never heard of EverBuying before, but I’ve got to check them out. That’s a fantastic price on that Android and on the apple peeler!

  7. Those are some amazing prices. I think an apple peeler would come in handy in my kitchen too. We love making homemade applesauce.

  8. I make a lot of apple pie and it is my favorite kind of pie. I like this apple peeler and price looks reasonable too. Heading over to their website to check out more products.

  9. I have never heard of this site but am digging lower costs for electronics. I will be taking a look at it; my kid has been making I want a tablet noise and this may the place to look.

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