Exciting New Series “Author Katie Femia Week”- Coming Soon!

I am so happy to let you know about a new series that I am planning which is exclusively written by my dear friend and Author, Katie Femia!

Author Katie Femia and her Debut Novel, Peacock Swamp The Nine

She is a long time friend of mine who recently wrote and published her debut novel, Peacock Swamp The Nine.

Katie was a teacher in her previous life but left her job few years ago to follow her dream which was to become a writer.

And write, she did!

I am a great fan of Katie and her new novel, Peacock Swamp The Nine!The book has received raving reviews from all over the world. The Swamp is a Young Adult novel which will sure to capture your attention and put you on the edge of anticipation on every page you turn!  If you haven’t gotten around to reading this book yet, now will be a good time.

Author Katie Femia's Debut Novel, Peacock Swamp, The NineAlso check her out at her Facebook and Twitter pages too.

Katie is also an artist and the crafts she make in her spare time are just so fabulous! I have featured some of her works in my blog as Katie helps out as a Virtual Assistant too when she is not writing. Yes, you could say that Katie Femia is a woman of many talents! 🙂

Anyways, I want to talk about our exciting series now.

A Momless Mom and her readers will celebrate the week of July 14th-18th as “Author Katie Femia Week”!

In a series of 5 posts, Katie will talk primarily about her life and how she became a writer. But she is going to make it interesting and informative for you guys by breaking it all down in topics such as how to find your dream job, how to become a work at Mom and how to write and publish a book among other things.

Katie is going to tell us by sharing the experiences from her own life that if your desire is strong enough to achieve something in life, nothing can stop you from following your heart and your dreams…This is not just a flowery quote, but truth and Katie’s life will prove just that to  you…

Author Katie Femia

I am not going to steal Katie’s thunder anymore 🙂 I will be leaving the floor now and turn it over to Katie as of next week!

I hope you are as excited as me to hear what she has to say.

Katie, we all are looking forward to spending some time with you…Welcome! 🙂



  1. Looks like a great read! I love that she really followed her dream to write and how well she’s doing!

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