Family Dinner Night with KFC #Sweetchilicrunch

A week ago, I wrote about my experience visiting KFC kitchen and witnessing firsthand the care and love KFC put in creating their recipes for us! It was also the time KFC announced the launch of their new flavor, Sweet chili crunch in Canada as a limited time offer. Along with six other bloggers, I had a fabulous time spent with KFC Canada team where we learned all about the “hard way” involved when it comes to prepping and cooking chicken at their kitchen!

If anything, it was an eye opener for me as I realized there was nothing easy about putting together a KFC meal as their chicken makes its way through the suppliers to the hands of the KFC cooks. Fresh chicken, grown locally is used for the meat. Cleanly cut,  the chicken arrives at KFC where it undergoes the grueling process of marination, coating and what not!

Family Dinner with KFC Chicken

In the case of Sweet Chili Crunch, the recipe calls for twelve hours marination, double breading and glazing the pieces at the end. At the test kitchen, when we got  hands on opportunity to make the chicken the hard way, I can tell you we took twice more time with prepping a few pieces than a dedicated KFC cook who would devote his or her time for the same process. Man, that was a revelation! KFC is anything but fast food. It is much like home made food where we put time, care and love in making our meals.

Truth be told, I always thought of KFC as fast food due to the way it pops up in our family meals- take out nights when no one wants to step into the kitchen…like a last minute resort when there is no food in the fridge at the end of a busy day at work or a game night or on occasion that calls for celebration! KFC is ready, always at fast food! or so I thought!

It’s true that it is fast and it is food but there is a whole story of how they make their chicken the hard way in between which was not known to me before. Now that I know,  I will never forget!

Anyways, that day at the KFC kitchen, I got a taste of their newest flavor sensation, Sweet Chili Crunch after making it at KFC’s state of the art kitchen. Gosh, it was so yummy and I was left with wanting for more.

KFC #Sweetchilicrunch chicken

I also wanted my whole family to try it out too before the sweet chili crunch is gone (yeah, its only here until November 23rd)! So, I was so happy when KFC quite kindly treated my whole family to sweet chili crunch chicken this weekend!

We picked up a mix and match bucket of  of original and sweet chili crunch chicken so that my guests will have no problem if they are not too happy with the new flavor. There is a back up, our very own original chicken. But as it turned out , our KFC dinner was quite a success and there were not enough napkins to go around! 😉

Family Dinner with KFC Chicken

 Sweet Chili Crunch was the flavor of the hour and I got “high fives” from all around the table.  Smiling faces, happy tummies-what more could I ask for? This was a typical KFC night, but the difference was the flavor it brought along, sweet with a touch of heat! And we could really get used to it, you know 🙂

I had KFC fans in my household before, but now I can tell they are die-hard fans of Sweet Chili Crunch too. And I hate to tell my kiddos that this flavor is only available for a short time! But instead of breaking the news, I would take them as many times as possible to KFC hoping to fill them up with the taste of sweet chili crunch while it is still around!

Did you get a chance to have a bite of Sweet Chili Crunch yet? No? Well, get to it before November 23rd!

I promise, Sweet Chili Crunch will win your heart! It’s so good 🙂

 Disclosure: I am part of the KFC Sweet Chili Crunch in Home Dinner Party Blogger Campaign  with Mom Central Canada and YUM Brands and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.



  1. I absolutely love KFC and the meal varieties they offer. This looks like another delicious one for my family to try sometime. Thanks for the post!

  2. I used to work for KFC in my teen years and would get so excited over new products like this because we always got first taste. I bet this new sweet chili crunch tastes amazing!

  3. I’ve not eating their sweet chili crunch recipe yet, but it looks really good! We’re actually eating at KFC next week. I’ll have to try this out!

  4. We just had KFC a few nights ago and it dawned on us that, that was the first time our children had eaten it. They LOVED it.

  5. I have always loved KFC-but never realized what it takes for them to get it from farm to our table! I don’t think the Sweet Chili Crunch is in the US–I hope it comes soon. I think I would LOVE it.

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