Fashion Weekly Presents “An Ode of Toronto Bloggers” #FWGlam

Few weeks ago, I wrote about a “secret project” I was working on with Fashion Weekly.

If you remember, I mentioned how fabulous it was meeting the Fashion Weekly crew along with  few other fellow Torontonian bloggers.

We all had a great time spending a day together regaling stories after stories about our lives, work and how we all ended up in the world of blogging.

It was a day we spent playing dress up and getting pampered, a day I would always remember with affection.

Well, if you are wondering, why am I writing about this “secret project” again, wonder, no more! Because, at this point, it is almost kind of like a public knowledge 🙂 Yes, the secret is out!

Fashion Weekly gave me an opportunity to be part of their cover story for their  Fall issue! They were featuring some of Toronto’s life style bloggers and I was one among the five bloggers who were selected for the Fashion Weekly cover story! I was beyond excited as it was a great honor, you can imagine!

Well, the Fall issue came out last week and there I was on the cover!

Fashion Weekly Cover Story- Toronto Bloggers
Photo Courtesy: Fashion Weekly

The full story named “An Ode to Toronto Bloggers” can be seen here.

Below, is my 5 minutes of limelight 🙂

Fashion Weekly Fall 2014 Issue
Photo Courtesy: Fashion Weekly

There were a lot of people who worked behind the scenes to make this issue happen and I thank each and every one of them!

cover 3

As a blogger, I have given unique opportunities by the brands I work with to test out and enjoy their products and services in the past. But this one truly surpasses them all! It was special may be because it was not about any products or services, but it was about me and about what I do…

Working with Fashion Weekly on this made me realize the importance of being a blogger and the  special nature of work we do for the community we are in- we represent our readers! We as bloggers define what they read/believe and do.

And like Fashion Weekly says, bloggers these days have become the new face of Media industry.

And it is humbling to know that my blog is really making a difference and that it holds a unique perspective in the Media world.

So here is a shout out-Bloggers around the world! Hats off to you all! 🙂 Keep up the great work!


  1. I know Vinma from the Pajama Affiliates group, that’s awesome to see her in this cover. Really nice photo of them all together.

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