What is Fashion Weekly up to in September? Clue: #FWGlam

I had one of the most amazing days yesterday which I spent in the company of Fashion Weekly, a renowned Toronto fashion e-magazine and few other fabulous bloggers.

Fashion Weekly - Style Magazine

While I cannot give you a lot of detail on this event since at this point, it remains as what we call a “Secret Project”, I can still give you a sneak peak in to the glamour, fashion, glitter and beauty that I found myself in on this one special day- a sure change from a day to day regular life of a full time working Mom blogger!

Fashion Weekly- Style Magazine
Lovely Nadia and Linda from Fashion Weekly checking out our lovely gown collection!

Here are the details

The Venue: Silverline Studios, Toronto

Models Aka Bloggers: Nelia Belkova from Style Blog, Stephanie Fusco from Leopard is a Neutral, Vinma Joseph from A Momless Mom, Elaine Atkins from Toronto Beauty Reviews and Charmian Christie from The Messy Baker

Fashion Weekly Style Magazine
Zoya, Personal Shopper from Fashion Weekly and I!

Photographer: Chris Reign

Dresses/Accessories Sponsored by: Freda’s, Sposaitalia, Madam Moje, Thien LE

Make up and Hair: Joanna Wang and Katherine Torrez  and Heather Snowie 

Fashion Weekly Style Magazine
Getting Dolled up in the artful and Capable hands of Joanna! πŸ™‚

Stylists: Linda and Zoya from Fashion Weekly

Well, I think these details should do it without giving you any spoilers at this point..although I am dying to blurt out everything that happened yesterday and what Fashion Weekly is up to for their Fall issue πŸ˜‰

Anyhow, I had the most fabulous time which I spent in the company of Fashion/Style bloggers like Elaine and Stephanie and soon to be a cook book author, Charmian. Charmian’s book’s publisher is none other than Harper Collins! Amazing!

Fashion Weekly Style Magazine
Charmian, soon to be a published author being pampered at the Studio!


Even though it was my first time meeting these bloggers (Thanks to Fashion Weekly), I felt like I have known them forever as we discussed about life in general and how blogging had made a difference in each of our lives… I felt a kinship as I sat listening to stories after stories that sprung from a common element that we all shared together- our lives as bloggers…

It was a great experience, one I wouldn’t forget for a long time. This is a kind of memory that will forever be treasured as one of the highlights in my blogging career.

Thanks Fashion Weekly for making this happen. We enjoyed each and every minute of it!

I know I haven’t given you much in terms of details here..but don’t be disappointed, I will be able to tell you more about this day as soon as I am allowed to, which will be sometime in September πŸ˜‰

Very excited to let you in on our secret! I will look forward to it. Hope you will too πŸ™‚



    1. It was great to meet you Elaine! I look forward to keep in touch πŸ™‚ Yeah, can’t wait to see all the pics!

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