Father’s Day Craft Idea- Nautical Napkin Rings

If you plan on serving Dad a Father’s Day breakfast or dinner, you will want to have these nautical napkin rings on hand. This is a Fathers day craft idea that is so easy to make, and can really make Dad feel special! Take a look below at how we used a few household materials to craft our own. As you can see, they turn out quite nice and can really make your spread look great!

Fathers Day Craft Idea- Nautical Napkin Rings

Fathers Day craft idea- Nautical Napkin Ring


supplies you will need

Fathers Day craft ideas

Cardboard roll (toilet paper or paper towel)
Scrapbook paper in blue hues
Complimenting ribbon

Your local craft store should have everything you need for this project. Use ocean colors and ocean themed paper for a real nautical look!


1. Begin by wrapping the cardboard rolls with your scrapbook paper. Glue the paper in place and cut it to fit.

Fathers day craft ideas
2. Now, you want to cut each roll into 2 inch segments. They will now start to resemble your napkin rings.

3. Cut a length of ribbon and wrap it around the napkin ring, gluing it into place and cutting it to fit. Use a complimentary ribbon as we did that will go with the colors of the paper you chose.

4. Finally, tie a length of twine on. You do not need to tie the twine, just wrapping it and tying it should do. If it feels loose, you may go ahead and add a dab of glue to keep it secure.

Now all you need to do is roll up your napkins and run them through the nautical napkin rings. You can use colored napkins if you wish or opt for a simple white.

This is such a simple and inexpensive Fathers Day craft idea and you should try it. It is a fun one that you are sure to enjoy! 🙂


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