Find Extra Time to do Things you Love in 4 Steps


Do you ever wish there was an extra hour in the day? Do you feel your life is taken up with dull, unfulfilling tasks like admin, housework, and staring at your phone? Would you like to have more free time to devote to the things you really love?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Many people wish they had more time in their days, whether to spend time with loved ones, go traveling, read or write books, and start their own business. And fortunately, there are several things you can do to make a change. All it takes to enjoy more leisure time is better time management and forward planning.


Find Extra Time to do Things you Love in 4 Steps


4 steps to find extra time to do things you love


Now, this topic may not make sense when the world is dealing with a health crisis but this is something you can apply when life gets back to normal. What we have now is a lot of time since we are all home and doing our part in stopping the spread of a deadly virus. You can still try to make that time enjoyable by utilizing some of these tips to curb the boredom.


Here are a few time-saving tips to get you started.


1. Find flexible work


Most people spend eight hours a day at work, which amounts to approximately a third of your adult life. And if your job is your passion, there’s nothing wrong with this. But if you aren’t happy in your career, you are spending a huge portion of your life feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. Is there a way you could make your work situation more flexible? Perhaps you could talk to your boss and request to work from home a couple of days a week. Alternatively, you could browse online career boards for freelance or part-time work and compare jobs to see which would afford you the best work-life balance.


2. Break your technology addiction


Be honest with yourself. How much time do you waste each day staring at your phone or aimlessly scrolling through social media? If you added up all the time you spent doing this in the last year, you’d probably have enough time to write a novel or train for a marathon. Most people are addicted to technology, and breaking this habit can give you a great deal of extra time in your day. 


3. Learn to focus


When you have an important task to focus on, the most efficient way to complete it is to get it all done in one go and not stop until you’re done. But most people in the modern world have very short attention spans, and when faced with a difficult piece of work will break it up by procrastinating. Making endless cups of tea and chatting with coworkers might make the task more enjoyable, but it certainly won’t make it quicker. Cultivating intense focus takes time, but with practice, you will get better at it. You can learn to concentrate intently on a task and avoid distractions to produce a quality piece of work, much quicker than normal.


4. Optimize your peak productivity


Everyone works better at different times. Some people are night owls, preferring to tap away at their keyboard late into the evening. Others are early birds and like to be up the crack of dawn for a productive morning. Whichever one you are, identifying and making use of your peak productivity times will allow you to be much more efficient with your work. You will get your tasks completed quicker, giving you more time to focus on the things you love.



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