Find Your Inner Freedom Like a Boss


2020 was quite a page turner.  It had all the elements to grip our interest, keep us on your toes and at times send us on a roller coaster ride of emotions and feelings. I am not gonna lie it was hard to push through this year on various levels. And I am sure it is a collective feeling.

Anyways, we are coming to the end of this year and I am compelled to leave it on a positive note. You might be thinking how is she planning to accomplish that after what we’ve been through? Don’t blame you for thinking that when world as we knew it is changed forever, vaccines or no vaccines. There is no going back to normal however we are going to be creating a new normal.  A normal of finding new habits and behaviors in a changed world with a sprinkle of perseverance and simple pleasures.  It will include saying NO to outside influences to an extent while finding an inner freedom and life purpose.


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That takes me to a question, Do you know how to find inner freedom? Did you even know it’s something that you can do? Once you take the time to believe in yourself, you’re going to find that you control a lot more about your mind, body, and spirit than you ever thought possible. If you’re ready to figure out how to dig deep inside, get ready to be open to exploring all new thoughts and feelings.

So many people search for inner peace or inner freedom, as I like to call it. This is because it seems like no matter what, we’re always at war with ourselves in some capacity. If that’s true for you, just know that you’re not alone at all. Millions of people battle daily with their thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

But at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that you have what it takes to find inner freedom. And not only find it, but use it to your advantage to help you grow, prosper, and become the best version of you that you can possibly be.


Find Your Inner Freedom like a Boss


Tips to find Inner Freedom


Every thought that you have and action that you take comes from your mind and the wisdom that you’ve accrued in your life. And if you’re struggling with that wisdom, this is going to cause you turmoil that is hard to shake.

To find your own personal inner freedom, you need to do a few things each and every day.


1. Stimulate your mind


To continue to feel validation and to expand your knowledge, you need to do something to stimulate your mind daily. This can be reading a book, studying a topic, or having an open discussion with someone that you respect and who respects you.


2. Understand your thoughts are valid


The second that you stop thinking you’re always wrong is the moment that you’re shutting the door to having any internal peace or freedom. You have to understand that your thoughts are YOUR thoughts and every single one is valid and important.


3. Allow yourself to be human


The other major factor that holds people back from finding freedom is that they think that they can’t change their minds or thoughts. You’re human, you’re going to change as you age or change as your perception of events change as well. This is fine. This is normal – roll with it.


When it comes to finding internal freedom, the above topics are a great start to helping you achieve that. The more that you can understand about your own inner-workings the more quickly that you’ll also be able to achieve your inner peace. Once you are in this state, it is hard for external factors to have power over your perspectives and outlook.

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So It is my hope that you take this knowledge with you moving along to a  new year full of possibilities and potential. And no matter how the year goes, stand in your power with confidence knowing only you can change your future and no one else. That is true inner freedom.


Happy New year!

Find Your Inner Freedom Like a Boss

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