Finding Dory Chocolate Covered Waffle Bowl #Recipes

Got any Finding Dory fans in the house? I hear that as a yes! 🙂 
Treat your kiddos to this very special Finding Dory Chocolate Covered Waffle Bowl!
So yummy and oh did I mention they are a looker? Great for Finding Dory themed party food table and also to enjoy them on a lazy weekend for no reason. You are welcome! 
So without further adieu, may I present to you:

Finding Dory Chocolate Covered Waffle Bowl

Finding Dory Treats


1. Blue Fondant
2. Yellow Fondant
3. White Frosting
4. Black Frosting
5. Blue Frosting
6. Light Blue Frosting
7. Mini Waffle Bowls
8. Yellow Candy Melts
9. Blue Sugar Sprinkles
10. Vanilla Ice Cream


1. Finding Dory Paper Template (or any fish template)
2 .Fondant Roller (or small rolling pin)
3. Fondant Knife


1. Roll blue fondant flat. Place Finding Dory paper template on top of fondant. Using fondant knife, cut around template and remove excess fondant.
2. Using the fondant knife, make indentions along the head of the blue fondant fish.
3. Roll yellow fondant flat. Place fin cutouts on top of fondant. Using fondant knife, cut around template and remove excess fondant. Place fins on top of blue fondant.
4. Draw big white eyes onto blue fondant.
Finding Dory Chocolate Covered Waffle Bowl In-Process #3
5. Draw black frosting onto white frosting, creating pupils.
6. Accent fondant fish with blue and light blue frosting along fins, mouth and head.
7 .Place in freezer for 15 minutes.
8. Melt yellow candy melts. 
Using a small spoon, cover the inside of mini waffle bowls.
Add blue sugar sprinkles to edges. Place in freezer for 15 minutes or until candy melt is hardened.
9. Add 3 small scoops of vanilla ice cream to mini waffle bowl.
10. Add blue sugar sprinkles to ice cream.
11. Top dish off with homemade Finding Dory fondant treat!
Your Finding Dory Chocolate Covered Waffle Bowls are ready to be enjoyed!
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Hope you like our little Finding Dory treats. As you see, they are pretty easy to make if you are careful with the detailing involved. But its all worth the trouble to see that 1000 watts smile on your little one’s face when you surprise them with a bunch of these! 

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