Forcing Bulbs in Vases- Tutorial


Now that spring time is here, you might be looking for season inspired activities to do with kids. Forcing bulbs in vases is a great experiment the little curious minds will appreciate. They would love to start the process, watch the bulbs grow and take notes about it.

Let me introduce to everyone, my blogger friend Sharmila from Sharma’s Outlet.  I am a fan of her projects. She details them in great length in her blog which includes sewing, knitting, gardening, repurposing and tons of fun activities that you could do with your kids. Sharmila is a lover of all things antique and she is also fond of travelling. She was kind enough to share one of her projects-a fun kids’ activity- with my readers and I am thankful to her for that! If you like to know more about Sharmila, please feel to stop by at her place!

Forcing Bulbs in Vases Tutorial


Hi! I am Sharmila. I am a mom, student, teacher, and entrepreneur; however, I love homemade stuff and always strive to make things from scratch.

Sharmila I have two kids with a substantial age gap, but we enjoy them with much love. I got married to my best friend from school and decided to raise our family away from Sri Lanka. We live in MA, I love about raising my family and all fun projects we try to accomplish together.


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Forcing Bulbs in Vases Tutorial ( Fun Activity to do with your Kids!)

This is one of many fun activities you can plan with your child to do on any fall day, but it is best to plan this ahead so can have paperwhites blooms for holidays. I have had success with this project and love it!

Forcing bulbs in vases

 What you need 

A clear vase





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Arrange the rocks inside the vase, place the bulbs and add water, and watch them grow. This is an ideal activity to keep track of how fast the bulbs grow, note any changes in bulbs, watch the outer skin, and many more.

Forcing bulbs in vases


This year we are simply observing, we might consider taking notes after few weeks.

Forcing bulbs in water and rocks in a bulb forcing vase is a fun activity for kids that you should try this year. It is a great educational experience at the same time, strikingly simple as we let nature takes its course with the growth of the bulbs.

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  1. Oh I remember doing a similar experiment as a child for a school project, and I had to watch and jot down notes at home over the weeks. What fun memories this brings back now…

  2. It’s a neat hands on experience for kids! If I would have thought of this sooner, we could have maybe incorporated this into a science fair project!

  3. I was meaning to do this project with my children last year but forgot all about it! We will be forcing some bulbs this weekend for sure!

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