Forever Pure Beauty- Who Doesn’t Want It?

 *****Disclosure: I received the below mentioned products free in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own and they are 100% honest******


Forever PureFashion and cosmetics are not my strong suit.


I never excelled in doing any sort of make up touches to my face for as long as I could remember.  Make up to me was an ordeal that I somehow wanted to get it over with on situations that deemed it necessary.


 It is literally impossible for me to get excited about a forthcoming salon appointment.  Same goes with me watching a raved about fashion show on TV due to peer pressure .  I would rather skip the mayhem and go read a book, which gives me more pleasure and excitement, a no-brainer.


At any given time, the only trace of cosmetics you would see on my face is some eyeliner or mascara and that is that! Even a lipstick could bore me to death! Yup! Now, before you think I am a freak or something, let me tell you this- I have nothing against beauty products. In fact I like checking out cosmetics on store shelves and at odd times, I am even up to offering constructive criticism and feed back on my friend’s make up. No biggie, you know.


I think one of the reasons for my reservations about this area is due to my uncertainties about the ‘stuff’ used in making a beauty product. Whenever I read the ingredients on the label of one of them, it is always something I can never pronounce and a mouthful to be done with!  Since I am not sure what I am getting into, I decide to play safe and steer clear of them. I cannot take the risk of an allergic reaction on my face out of all places, you know? 


But in all its fairness, I must say that I have always wanted to try a nice foundation and see how it could have impacted my facial appearance (for the best, I hope?).


So, this was the background of my relationship with beauty products, when I came across, Forever Pure. I stumbled on this website in passing and decided to skip it as soon as I learned that it is about cosmetics. Anyways, before closing the browser on the page, a single lone word jumped out at me and it was ‘mineral’.


…And I was riveted.


I decided to take a peek and see how the word ‘mineral’ is related to the whole picture I was goggling at. 


The end result after two hours of my perusal?  I contacted the business owner and requested her to send me a full cover cream mineral foundation, Mineral Powder Blush and a Mineral Matte Eyeshadow for a review. And when the package arrived in the mail, I was so excited to try it out.


Imagine that! Me excited about makeup! Yup!


Anyways, what I received from Forever Pure was a full size Mineral cream Foundation and samples of Mineral powder blush and mineral matte eye shadow (teddy bear color).

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Source: Forever Pure


What is a mineral make up, you ask?


This sort of make up doesn’t include preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, chemical dyes or fragrance which you normally find in regular make up. Mineral make up is most often recommended by dermatologists since it doesn’t give any skin irritation as a rule. It is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Due to the lack of oil presence in mineral make up, chances are unlikely that you would end up getting acnes, blemishes or even eczema.


Long story short, for first time in my life (willingly, on my own accord that is) I tried the foundation on my face with the finishing touches of the powder blush and completed by the vibrant color of eyes shadow. The foundation felt light on my skin, leaving the much needed breathing space for the pores, which is very important. The powder blush works as a finisher and renders a certain glow and light to the face.  The eye shadow was very easy to apply and it went evenly on without making any fuss for a novice user. Plus, it was free of any dyes and petroleum byproducts. The woman who stared back at me from the mirror had the perfect skin tone to her face which didn’t look artificial.


Well, the point is, I couldn’t help but applaud at my wise decision in choosing a cosmetic product that is right for me and my skin from Forever Pure. Most importantly, I was totally satisfied with the results I got.


Forever Pure has a wide range of products catering to your Face and Foundation, eyes and lips along with skin care. If you ask me, this company is totally worth checking out.  I am a fan, if you haven’t noticed already .




  1. Love the colors! I wear tinted BB cream and eye liner and mascara every day. Getting too old not too. LOL! When I go out I will add everything else to my face.

  2. I love, love, love mineral makeup, but I’ve never heard of Forever Pure. I’ll have to remember them the next time I order – their colors are fabulous!

  3. I always loved miniral makeup, it was better! I need to replace my old ones ASAP, I have 2 eyeshadows soon to expire, 4 dried mascara, 3 old foundations, got’a rid of that

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