FROZEN Inspired Series- Part 3

Welcome to the third post in the FROZEN Inspired party theme ideas series! I hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I enjoy crafting them 🙂 Missed the previous posts? No worries! Find them all under “Frozen Inspired Series’ category.  Happy Reading!

FROZEN Inspired Party Theme Idea- Snowball Wand

Yet another FROZEN inspired party theme idea is this cute snow ball wand. Your little princess or prince will love making her own Frozen inspired snowball wand, so she can cast wintry spells all over the land. Make your own snowball wands with just a few simple supplies and in a matter of minutes. These snowball wands would be fun to make if you are hosting a Frozen themed party, or if you just want a fun after school craft. Take a look at what you need to know to create your own. They are so fun and easy, and allow for plenty of hours of sparkling snowball fun.

FROZEN Inspired Snowball Wand

FROZEN Inspired Party Theme ideas- Snowball Wand
Supplies needed

Wooden dowel rod
White paint
Large white pom poms

We were able to find all three of these materials at our local craft store. With the other pom poms they carry huge white poms poms such as the ones we used here. They have a sparkling element to them and their large size makes them the perfect, whimsical choice for this project. When choosing a dowel rod, look for one of the skinnier varieties that will be durable but easy enough for you to attach the pom pom to.


1. Begin by cutting your dowel rod to size if you need to. This is a task best left to an adult. You should be able to take a sharp knife or blade and make score to the wood, then simply snap it where the score was made.

2. Apply two coats of white paint to the rod. We brushed ours right on with a cloth. You can use your fingers, a paint brush, or a cloth too. All work just fine and get the job done.

3. Once the rod is dry, very dry, you can attach your pom pom. Simply press the end of the dowel rod into the pom pom until it is secure. If it is not staying secure, then add a dab of hot glue to the end of the rod and press the pom pom to it until it adheres.

You can finish off your sparkly snow wand by adding a sprinkling of glitter if you wish, or just leave it as is. It is now ready for casting all of the spells you can think of!

Gather your little Frozen fans and give this fun and frugal Frozen inspired craft a try. Or host a FROZEN themed party that the kids will sure to love. Best of all? You will love the simplicity of it because it is so easy to make! In no time you will all be waving wands in the air and enjoying these to the fullest!

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