Frozen Inspired Party Theme Idea Part 5- Princess Cuffs

As promised, this is the last (I promise!) installment of my Frozen inspired party theme ideas series-pretty princess cuffs!  As like the other DIY’s in this party theme series, the princess cuffs is pretty easy to make and costs very little to buy the supplies! Find all of the Frozen posts under the category titled “Frozen Inspired Series”. And yes, you are welcome 🙂

Frozen Inspired Party Theme Idea- Princess Cuffs

Frozen Inspired Party Theme Idea- Princess Cuff
Are your children a fan of Disney’s Frozen? How would they love to dress up like Frozen princesses themselves? There is no need to spend big bucks on a store made princess costume and accessories when you can try making your own instead. With just a few supplies, you can get started by crafting these Frozen themed princess cuffs. These cuffs will make any young child feel like royalty without you having to break the bank. Take a look at how you can get busy crafting your own.

 The supplies you will need to make this Frozen Inspired Party theme Idea!

Frozen Inspired Party Theme Idea- Princess Cuff

1 sheet of glittered cardstock
White craft paper

We found the cardstock at our local craft store for around .50 cents. Choose a bright blue so it looks like a sheet of ice. For glitter, choose white, blue, or even silver. If you really want to get creative, use all of these icy colors.


1. Begin by cutting two strips out of your glitter paper. You want these strips to be about two inches in width.

2. Wrap the strips around your child’s wrist so you can get an idea of how big you need to make them. Cut them to fit and secure them closed with glue.

3. Cut spirals out of your white craft paper. These will look like snowy mountains or snow piles when you are done. Just free hand these, moving your scissors in a circular motion to create the swirl.

4. Apply some glue to the swirls and press them to the top of the cuffs.

5. Add some glue to the swirls and then sprinkle some glitter on them. Be generous. Shake away any extra glitter. Repeat the process if you wish for some real sparkle.

Now all you need to do is slip your cuffs on and go. Instantly they will make any child feel special and are the perfect touch to their Frozen inspired themed party dress up!

Give this beautiful Frozen inspired craft a try and get into the spirit of Frozen themed party for less!


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