Frozen Theme Party Ideas- Icy Party Punch

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Frozen Theme Party Ideas- Icy Party Punch

Looking for “Frozen” theme party ideas?

Hosting a Frozen themed party or event?

Or just want to bring the fun of Frozen into your home? Give this tasty Frozen inspired Icy Party Punch a try. It is so simple to make and it makes the perfect beverage for your little Frozen fans. Take a look at how to make your own using a few simple ingredients. This will sure bring color to your party πŸ™‚

Frozen theme party ideas- Icy Party Punch

Supplies needed

1 package blue raspberry Kool Aid, prepared
1 can of pineapple juice
3-4 drops of vanilla extract
1 can of 7-Up soda or Ginger Ale
Blue sugar

You can find all of these items at your local grocer. If you child doesn’t care for blue raspberry drink mix you can substitute it for any blue colored beverage.


1. Prepare the Kool Aid according to package directions. This will typically require a mixture of the powder, water, and sugar.

2. Add in the pineapple juice (Simply drain the juice from a can of pineapple chunks or buy ready made pineapple juice)

3. Mix in the vanilla extract. You can use more or less based on your own tastes.

4. Add the carbonated soda to give the punch some fizzy power. Like the other ingredients, you can add more or less based on your own preferences.

Take your blue sugar and pour it on a plate into a layer. Wet the rim of your glass with a wet napkin, then dip it in the sugar. Fill your glass with your Frozen inspired party punch, add a colorful straw, and you are ready to party!

If you would, like you can also turn this mixture into icy treats by omitting the carbonated soda, pouring the mixture in ice cube trays, and allowing them to freeze. Kids will love enjoying these just as they would popsicles or they can be added to your punch bowl for a pop of color.

Kids will love sipping their icy party punch and you will love how easy it is to prepare. Gather your supplies and give this easy party treat a try. It is one of the fabulous Frozen theme party ideas that you don’t want to miss and a treat your child won’t want to miss out on either. Have fun! πŸ™‚


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  1. What a cute idea. I would probably leave out the fizz but that is just a personal preference. I’m sure all kids would enjoy drinking one of these!

  2. That’s such a great idea. My little sister (who just so happens to be in love with the movie Frozen) would so love this! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  3. This looks like a nice recipe for a cool drink! It is hot here right now so I’m looking for something like this anyway

  4. This is perfect for my daughter’s Frozen-themed 5th birthday party next week! How much pineapple juice approximately? We have all kinds of sizes of cans of both pineapple and pineapple juice… thank you!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by. The amount of pineapple juice really depends on the number of guest s you have. if it is a big party, you can go for more that 640 ml. That is just a suggestion πŸ™‚ Hope your daughter have a blast next week! And Happy Birthday to her..

      1. My little granddaughter just turned 3 and wanted an Elsa birthday. I made this drink, which we served in a glass drink dispenser so the color would be visible. I expected our drink to look like this photo. However, since blue (kool-aid) and yellow (pineapple juice) make green, it looked more like it was for a Little Mermaid party–a lovely blue – green, like the Caribbean Sea.

        So, my question is, how did yours look like the perfect ice blue, and mine was a lovely blue green? I’d add a photo of mine but I don’t see a way to do that. It seems like pineapple juice should be replaced with Squirt…?

        1. Hello Pamela! Belated happy 3rd birthday to your grand daughter πŸ™‚ Hope she had a great celebration day! In regards to the pineapple juice, could be the brand you used made a difference? some brands could contribute to that strong yellow color verses less with others. Also the photo may come across as bright blue probably coz of the light arrangement or the filter used. Its been a few years understandably since writing this post but I have a vague memory if I am not mistaken. It was the Dole brand.. best guess. Apologies if you were disappointed with the end result.

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