Fun Fitness Activities For Kids

Families building strong bodies start when you work along with your kids to reach fitness goals.  These Fun Fitness Activities For Kids are perfect ways to show your children better lifestyle choices.  Leading by example includes sharing some enthusiasm for fitness.  Working together to build naturally fit lifestyles will create a lasting healthy outlook on life.

Fun Fitness Activities For Kids


Every child loves heading to the pool, lake or ocean for a swim.  Swimming is a great fun fitness activity for kids.  Not only will they already want to do it, it won’t feel like exercise to them. Even kids don’t like being told to exercise. They just want to have fun.  Heading to the lake, your community pool or even the ocean to swim is a great way to keep your kids active and naturally working out their bodies.


  Growing your own garden may not sound like a fitness activity, but it definitely is. Between tilling the land to get the garden ready, pulling weeds and even using the hoe to break up the soil for fertilizer your kids will be using muscles they haven’t used before.  It’s a great fun way for them to get some exercise while creating great food for your family to enjoy.


  This is a great activity that really appeals to the daredevil kids.  Not only will they be running and jumping, they will learn hand eye coordination and dedication.  Skateboarding takes a lot of work to learn and adapt skill. There are tons of skate parks, centers and clubs where your kids can learn more about skateboarding, stunts and how to stay safe while having fun.

BMX Biking

BMX riding is a bit more hardcore than your traditional bicycling.  Rough and tumble kids and adults will love taking to the dirt paths and tracks to race each other.  Look around your community for clubs and groups that race together.  You can find a ton of resources and information to keep you safe and included in great groups that share the same interests.

Roller Blading or Roller Skating

Classic childhood activities that everyone loves include roller skating or roller blading.  Nothing is as much fun as going to the roller rink with your friends. Kid everywhere have loved this for years.  When you think of fun fitness activities for kids, this is a great option that every family should look to.  Not only does almost every town have a roller rink, every driveway makes a great place to race each other around on roller skates or roller blades.

You can easily encourage your kids to be healthy when you get them involved with these fun fitness activities.  Not only will they have fun, make new friends and find new hobbies – they will be naturally enjoying exercise.  To encourage your kids in fitness, is to help them find natural ways to exercise their bodies that are fun.  Every day activities, special clubs and groups, or specialty sports that have interest are great ways to get them excited about working their bodies.


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  2. Now that the weather is finally good here, I’m happy to give these ideas a try with my little brother. Never tried to get him into gardening before, could be fun. At the very least we’ll end up playing badminton 🙂

  3. Thank you for these tips. I think kids today are too lazy. This should get them moving. Thanks for linking up on the #HomeMattersParty

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