Fun Party Games For Kids Of All Ages

If you are hosting a party for kids, you know that games are very important.  These Fun Party Games For Kids Of All Ages are sure to be a hit.  A few classics, some fun new spins on classic games and maybe a new surprise or two will have your kids happy and excited to attend your party.  Send out the fun party invitations, and get started planning the ultimate list of party games for your next guests.



Fun Party Games For Kids Of All Ages

Pillowcase Races

Old school potato sack races have been left in the past for their new cousin pillowcase races.  Since potato sacks aren’t as common these days, use old worn out pillowcases instead.  Kids will have tons of fun slipping into these “sacks” to hop to the finish line.  Have ribbons and medals to give to each child who finishes the race.


 Make your own fun Bingo pages, or use some of the many themed ones available online to print.  Bingo is a great fun game that kids will love playing.  Set them up with real Bingo markers or fun colorful stickers to mark off their picture or number with.  

Go Fishing

 Set up a great fishing pond full of rubber duckies that have been marked with numbers 1-5.  Attach magnets to each rubber duckie, and magnets to the ends of makeshift fishing poles.  Let kids have fun fishing for a rubber duckie. Have 5 bins with random prizes in them, so when the kids catch a rubber duckie, they know what numbered bin to pick their prize from.

Dance Party

 Turn on the music and set the kids loose to dance the night away.  The only twist is this is actually a game.  When the music stops, whoever is the last to stop dancing is out.  Much like musical chairs, only more free form.  Tons of fun and a great way to burn off that energy from all the sugary treats you served.

Obstacle Courses

  Use bright colored tape, boxes and chairs to lay out a fun obstacle course.  Grab a stop watch and time kids as they try to complete the course.  Once everyone has a chance to go through it once, mix things up a bit and let them try again.  This is another fun course where you can give prizes or medals to those who complete and win.

Setting up fun games for your kids, and even the adults to complete during you party is half the fun of throwing a party.  These fun party games for kids of all ages are simple to set up and inexpensive.  A few hours of imagination and you have created amazing games and activities to keep your party going.  Add in medals, candy, small toys and party favors as prizes for the winners and everyone who participates with you in the games.  Make sure that everyone leaves feeling like a winner, and your party will b a success that is talked about for months to come.



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