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There is no denial. We are deep in cold and flu season. Now, if you have kids,  (more than one, let’s say) its challenging to take care of one child after the other in helping them to get better from whatever they are suffering at the moment, non stop! It is frustrating, tiring and downright unfair.

And guess what?

They kind of take turns in falling sick the way it happened at my house last two weeks. The eldest one, caught a bug from school and brought it home. He gave it to his sister after a week. It was bad and I was struggling to keep on top of it. My methods of fighting the flu off included home remedies and occasional life brand products.I had to take off from work one or two days so that I could be at their side.

#GetTheMostOutOfLife #Giveaway

After a painful long time, I am now happy to report that my kids are over it and back to normal. But did I mention, I fell sick afterwards?… Anyway, that is beside the point 😉

Curious, how do you take care of your kids when they are sick? Shoppers Drug Mart and I want to know 🙂

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Good Luck everyone!

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