Gratitude is the New Self-Care


Do you know an interesting thing about blogging or writing?

You can take a break at any time. Without guilt. Without reservation. It won’t judge you or make you feel bad. It will not threaten to leave you or ask for a commitment. No explanations necessary for your absence but a lot of understanding in its place.

It KNOWS this hiatus was necessary. After all, who understands you better than the words you give birth to? That you NEEDED this Separation, this Space where you let your mind go wander while you stayed empty?

Emptiness– a state of Nothing.

We all have them on occasions. For some, it is a sanctuary. A charging station if you will. To wire up and bounce back. For others, it is essentially what that word states- to feel nothing, to feel empty. To what end? It depends.

Do you know it is in the void, great ideas are born and great things are made? Without Space, Creation can’t happen. Enlightenment truly shines when you quiet yourself down. Quiet in all levels. Yes, it includes dropping out of your daily life and activities mentally. Physically you are present but on a psychological level, you are in the Void. From there it goes two ways- you are in the creation process or you are simply out of it.


Gratitude is the New Self-Care

It’s really your pick. What you need at the moment. Whatever works for the greater good. As long as you pull out of it at the end a changed person. So yes, everything takes a back seat while you figure things out- including blogging. And this is not the first time it has happened here. If you are a regular visitor on my blog, you will notice my sporadic absence.


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But then again, I always come back, don’t I? Really what other choice is there? I keep talking about self-care. Have I ever mentioned this blog is my greatest self-care tool? My sanctuary? My charging station? If I haven’t I am acknowledging that right now. I don’t think without Momless Mom, I would have been where I am today. And no, I am not talking about my accomplishments in the blogging world or brand partnerships. Don’t get me wrong, I am uber thankful for all that but yeah, it comes and goes. The connection goes much deeper than that. This Space lets me become ME. Without pretense, without inhibitions. It allows me to be real without judgment. It accommodates me calling in sick and welcomes me with open arms when I am back, no questions asked… as if I was never away.

I wonder how come I never stopped and thanked my own blog for being a noble presence in my life this long? But better late than never I guess.

THANK YOU MOMLESS MOM. I cannot be prouder for bringing you into existence!

Do you know what just came to my mind right now? Well, two things.

  1. Thank that person/thing you need to thank like yesterday. It might be too trivial or even comical in your eyes to thank your errr… coffee for breathing life into you every morning. Or your favorite comb for treating your hair and scalp like you are the only client it has in the whole world. Giving you the VIP treatment you deserve.
  2. You should TOTALLY start a blog. I am telling you you won’t regret it.

Okay, it might sound overboard but hear me out on what I TRULY want to tell you- pay attention to the cues and read between the lines. Put yourself in the center and watch the entire dynamic changing. Gratitude and acknowledging the present moment you are in works wonders. You will see.


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I usually don’t write about my crazy thoughts but oh well, I like to call myself a Disrupter occasionally 🙂




With love, Vinma



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Gratitude is the New Self-Care

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