Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and Free Printables!

Halloween is just around the corner and we all need to know the do’s and don’ts for trick or treating. Apart from having fun going door to door for treats, it does not hurt to be mindful of some safe practices too for the big day. Following safety tips along with the printables at the end of this post will come in handy for both kids and parents to enjoy Halloween without any cause for alarm when they are out and about.

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween Safety Tip #1: Be Seen in the Dark

It all begins with making sure that you and your children will be seen by people while they are driving. No one wants to risk not being seen and getting run over by a car. That is why you should always have either a flashlight or one of the little blinking clip on lights that are made for runners and cyclists to wear at night.

You can find these in most sporting goods sections of the store. They come with a battery and only take a small watch battery to operate.

Another simple way to make sure you are seen is to put some reflective tape on your costumes so that the headlights on cars and lights on houses will light you up and make you visible in the dark.

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Halloween Safety Tip#2: Pay Attention to the Lights

When choosing which houses to go up to, remember that front house lights off generally mean that no one is home or that they are not giving out candy. These houses are to be avoided. There are several reasons for this- Some people do not celebrate Halloween hence they do not take part in trick or treating. Or they must have simply ran out of their candies and are done for the day.

Halloween Safety Tip #3: Go in Groups or with an Adult

If you do not know the people at the house you are going up to never walk up alone. Trick or Treat in a group or with a responsible adult. There is always more safety in numbers than if you are alone. If you are going out with a group of friends make a game plan on where you are going so that you can tell your parents. This will help them to not worry and if anything does happen they will have an idea of where to look for you and/or your friends.

Free Downloadable Halloween Safety Printables

Following are some great free printables you can download and print for use.  These are great resources on learning how to make safety a priority but having fun as well this Halloween.

Halloween Printable Trick or Treat Booklet Printable

11 Halloween Safety Rules Printable

Simple Halloween Safety Tips in a .doc

Halloween Safety Printable for K-2 (must create free login)

Halloween Safety Tips from Scholastic on a Cute Pumpkin

This Halloween, remember to be safe first. These Halloween Safety Tips for Kids will help you how to do just that!

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