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My son Kevin’s life is a continuous battle with eczema. He was born with a severe case. 

My baby suffered serious hair loss and his face was always red with rash. As he grew, the problem persisted. Kevin used to itch like crazy causing the skin to break out and eventually bled. Although he didn’t encounter hair loss anymore, other parts of his body was ravaged when eczema hit in full force. The elbow and folds behind his knees were the parts that was easily victimized by this condition.

                                                         Image Courtesy: Pure Hazelwood website

I have tried everything from Glaxal Base and other skin creams  to Vaseline and different types of petroleum jelly . I have always limited my usage of hydrocortisone to the minimum as I knew it is not good for the skin if used consistently. It has a tendency to thin your skin which is not good.  I have even resorted to natural remedies at times but nothing was working to provide a lasting comfort to my son and skin troubles.

Recently, I received an opportunity to work with Pure Hazelwood and it opened a door for me to explore my options to bring relief to my son’s eczema.

           Image Courtesy: Pure Hazelwood Website

To those who are not familiar with this company and the products they offer, allow me to enlighten you.  

Pure Hazelwood is a company based in Quebec that specializes in different hazelwood products- mainly necklaces and bracelets for adults and babies to wear for ailments like skin conditions, joint pains,  teething,  colicky, mouth soars etc.  

Generally speaking, Pure Hazelwood’s handcrafted products are geared towards your better personal well being. Pure Hazelwood products are rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules that helps to minimize the symptoms, jump starting your journey to recovery. 

My son used the Limited Edition Hazelwood Double Bracelet. He wore it for 2 weeks and I am happy to report the tremendous difference I am noticing on the eczema affected areas on his hand. His rash has gone and he does not itch. He does not recoil when I touch that part of his skin and it means he does not feel tender there anymore. I am so happy I can’t believe how easy it was to get him relief from eczema just by wearing a bracelet. 

I know I will have to replace the bracelet when it wears out, according to the product description, in approximately 3-6 months time. Not a big deal since I am happy with the results.

I think what this company is doing is just great! I have friends of mine who experience health problems that I know now Pure Hazelwood can fix. In fact, I have already started talking to some of them and I am getting good results. 

Have you heard of Pure Hazelwood? Why not visit their site to know more and check out the product line. I am sure you will find it helpful. 

***Disclosure:  I am part of the Pure Hazelwood Campaign with Influence Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with group. The opinions on this blog are my own***


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  1. this sounds pretty cool, never heard of them. My son has skin problems so will be looking into this thanks for sharing.

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