Here are My Reasons Why it is Tough to be a Mom

Being a Mom is a blessing


Not everyone gets the chance to be one.

Not everyone gets lucky enough to hold their own pieces of heart in their arms and call it their babies.

Not everyone gets the privilege to look into their little one’s eyes and see their own heart…

My reasons why it is tough to be a Mom


Its amazing to experience the bond you develop with your child over the years that becomes so undeniably unbreakable against all odds.


Its amazing to see how you grow into each other with time…


It is also tough being a Mom…


When your life constantly revolves around your children

When their wishes always comes first before yours

When you sacrifice life’s simple pleasures for them

And not see an end in sight for quite a while…


Being a Mom is a blessing


For your little ones’ presence in your life during the times you feel achingly alone

For the hugs, kisses and love they send your way, often times unasked…

For the quiet companionship in bed during dark nights

For the warmth of their little bodies that can’t be replaced with anything in the world.

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Its tough being a Mom


When dealing with a messy house yet again after the clean up you just did

When the spills, dirty dishes and laundry pile up

When the eerie sense of your empty fridge staring right back at you when you look inside blankly at dinner time

When you  hide yourself in the washroom and cry but they find you in 5 minutes


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Being a Mom is a blessing


For the couch cuddle ups and playing board games beside the fire on cold nights.

For  telling scary stories only to be summoned at odd hours of night to deal with imaginary monsters in the closet…

For the height measuring scale marks behind the withered doors, scrap books and embarrassing photographs tucked under the bed with love…

For all the funny stories, sing along songs, friendly banter and screams that echoes inside the four walls of your home after they are long gone…


Its tough being a Mom


When you become an Empty Nester one day…

And walk from room to room missing them like hell

When you accidentally see your child’s favorite teddy safely put away up in your closet.

You can’t seem to remember the reason why it was there in the first place.

When thinking about all those times you had to give your children time outs and grounding orders for bad behavior..

You now wish, you had a way to take them all back…


Being a Mom is the greatest blessing of all…


Because your children are your Legacy.

You leave them behind so they could tell the world your stories.

Because you are the Pioneer Woman who forged the path for them so they could walk and follow their dreams like you always wanted…

Because your children call you and you alone their “Mom” forever.


And also because not everyone gets the chance to be a Mom, as wonderful as you….


P.S: I wrote this post inspired by my friend and blogger Sam’s write up from last week, When Motherhood Isn’t Magical. I relate so well with what she wrote and I am sure so many Moms out there agree as well. Sam or Samantha is a Mom to twin girls and she tells us how hard is this motherhood thing sometimes. Although, as Moms we always put out an upbeat facade in public and social media, it is not always the case. Just like life is a mixed bag, so is being a Mom. Sam writes about the nitty gritty and gory details of what it is like to be a Mom and I pick up from where she left off. Stories are endless when you are a Mom, right? There is a lot to tell. We can even start a round robin blog posts marathon! Who is up next? 😉


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