Home Cooking Made Easy with Dinnerit


***Disclosure: I was provided with a medium recipe bag from Dinnerit to facilitate a  review of their business. All opinions are my own and it is honest****


Since I work full time, it is really a struggle often to put fresh food on the dinner table each week night. Sometimes, I won’t have the ingredients to cook a certain dish for dinner or the ideas simply elude me on what to cook or there is no time to make anything after I come back from work late in the evening. Plus, after  factoring in my tiredness, all I will want to do at that hour of the day is to eat something light and crawl under the blanket.

Due to this reason, I try to cook enough food that will last us for the duration of the week during the weekend and keep it  in the fridge. I also tend to go after frozen food or a meal that is quick to make. Though it is hard to cook a week’s worth of meals in one shot or eating the same boring food every night, it neatly solves the problem of running out of dinner during the week and I often tend to choose lesser of these two evils :). 

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Dinnerit is a meal planning and grocery delivering company which opened in Toronto this year. Their ideal customers are people like me who like to cook food at home but have no time to do so during the week nights. This Toronto business solves this problem of busy families quite beautifully by delivering their freshly prepared recipe bag to the door step. As for me, with the help of Dinnerit, I do not have to shop for groceries and waste my time deciding what to cook during the week. 

Dinnerit does all that for me. They work closely with a Nutritionist to develop recipes that are healthy at the same time delicious so I can rest assured that my family is eating healthy with less efforts from my part as the main Chef of the house! 🙂 

Each serving of their recipe is between 600-800 calories and packed with freshest dinner ingredients. Dinnerit  guarantees that the groceries will retain its freshness since it never leaves a temperature controlled environment until the delivery to their client is complete.

And they are not kidding about this part. I was pleasantly surprised how well Dinnerit packed  my recipe bag so that it doesn’t compromise on the freshness of the groceries as well as the meat and fish it delivered to me.

3 Dinners in a recipe Bag from Dinnerit!


Along with the goods, the bag also came with a recipe sheet where it outlined the dishes I will be making during the week with the supplies from Dinnerit. The sheet went into further details by laying out each recipe (there were three in total) with total prep time for each. The prep time is very important to know because that tells you how early you need to start your dinner prep to make it to the table just in time for dinner. 

I was completely taken with Dinnerit at the end of the trial period. Dinnerit helped me to unleash my  inner domestic goddess and I had fun making all the gourmet dishes from the awesome recipe bag-  like the Turkey Stew with Mango Chutney, Salisbury Steak with Cranberry Sauce and Salmon with Mango-Lime Yogurt. oh, yeah! 

Home Cooking Made easy with Dinnerit

Home cooking is easy to accomplish even for busy families now with the help of Dinnerit. It is a creative endeavor that is gaining  fast popularity around this part of the world and this can be  proved by their recent appearance at Globe and Mail and Mississauga News. To know more about Dinnerit, visit the website or their social media page.



  1. Oh wow look at that spread they provide you! So awesome. I sometimes miss living in the bigger cities to use companies like this for hectic weeks.

    1. Chelle- It was really awesome. Food portions were very generous and the produce was really fresh. I had no complaints 🙂

    1. In Toronto, there are only two businesses of this nature currently operating in this market. I am saying, we should have more of these 🙂

  2. This sounds amazing! I want to try it so badly! I don’t cook for my family, and it’s often due to not knowing WHAT to cook combined with “I don’t have the ingredients for that recipe.” This would solve both of those problems. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    1. I know- it is a daily dilemma for me pondering what to cook. And hunting for the ingredients in the kitchen is a whole another game lol

  3. I’m like you, working full time and when it comes to dinner – ugh! This is a great service – I’m curious though, how long were the prep times for the recipes?

    1. Debra- Its maximum 45 minutes, including prepping and cooking. Now, if you are super slow in cutting the vegetables and all that, you are looking at more than 45 minutes. Once you make these dishes ( one dish is for 4 people) you will also have some left overs to eat one more time for max 2 people. not bad, if you ask me 🙂 I need all the help I can get during the week in my kitchen.

  4. We have also tried food delivery before, it is comfy when you don’t have to think about what you are gonna cook. But often it have been dishes that one of us don’t been so faund of, so that is why we stopped:)

    1. Well, they have different recipes each week.. Its all a matter of finding out which will sit well with your family. I will choose comfort over the dilemma on what to cook everyday in a heart beat lol. Thanks for stopping by Jeanette 🙂

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