Homemade Edible Paint Recipe

Sometimes it is hard to safely have fun with paints especially when it comes to younger children. Painting is fun for kids but they often end up with more paint on their bodies or in their mouths than they do on the paper. I found a super easy way that my child can have her paint and eat it too!!

How to Make edible Paint for Kids Craft

It is a very sticky messy paint but the joy on your children’s faces when they are creating their masterpiece is priceless. So grab some wet rags and a great big apron and have a great time.


How to Make Edible Paint- The Ingredients

1 or 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk

food coloring container to put the paint in (an ice cube tray works very well although it doesn’t hold a ton of paint)

very thick paper (I used card stock but you could also use cardboard or cardboard from an old box would work)

paintbrushes (sometimes they would rather use their fingers)

plenty of wet rags for clean-up

measuring cup for pouring vanilla extract (optional)


Open up your can of sweetened condensed milk and poor it into a container with a spout. This will help you get it into the ice cube trays easier.

How to Make edible Paint for Kids craft- Directions

I used one can and it filled up one ice cube tray with some left over. Now it’s time to make them colored. I used a drop or two of food coloring depending on the shade I was trying to achieve. Now is the time to get creative with making some spectacular colors and a great way to teach your kids how mixing colors will achieve a brand new color!

How to Make edible Paint for Kids craft- Directions

I used toothpicks to mix the colors up but a paint brush would work just as well. Here is where you may want to add some vanilla extract to your paint mixture. This is totally optional but this is sweetened condensed milk and well as you can imagine as it dries it becomes a little smelly. Now it’s time to grab those paintbrushes (or fingers) and start painting. Don’t worry about the mess it cleans up really easy as long as you don’t let it dry on everything. πŸ™‚

Edible paint recipe

Here are a couple of side notes that you may want to know about

I wouldn’t necessarily stick this masterpiece in your drawer to keep forever. It can be a little smelly and takes a very long time to dry. If you paint is really thick on the paper you may want to take it outside to dry. We did have a problem where it got loaded onto the paper pretty thick and it started running all over the place as time went on. Be prepared that if you have a very young one and they do get a taste of it in their mouth they may start shoveling it in. It’s normal and your child is not loosing their minds because it really does taste good!


  1. While this is a great idea, I’m not sure that I would want to have it be sweet and vanilla-flavored – I’m pretty sure that the flavoring would encourage my little guy to eat this!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lauren. You are right, kids could eat this because it is sweet. But the point is, this paint is edible and there is no danger for them if they consume it unlike the real paint πŸ™‚

  2. This is incredibly crafty and creative! The rainbow of colors looks so beautiful and inviting for little ones to play with too! Thanks for sharing. I am always on the hunt for a great new craft.

  3. That is a great alternative to the “other” type of paint out there. I think I would be with the kids and want to eat this paint too. Who doesn’t love the taste of sweetened condensed milk?

  4. I love the idea that it is non toxic and I also love the idea of using ice cube trays to use as paint tray. Very cool.

  5. Very “sweet” idea Vinma! Now when I go to get my Thanksgiving food, I will pick up some condensed milk! I already have the vanilla! Great idea!

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