How to Avoid Compulsive Shopping


Shopping is addictive, for some. I got a case of that as well.

Leaving my brain at the door of shopping malls has costed dent on my financials over the years. Although I am not a shopaholic or impulsive buyer (Ahem! Most of the time) I realize it is a problem that I need to be aware of.


How to Avoid Compulsive Shopping


how to avoid compulsive shopping

Compulsive shopping has always been a problem, but recent years have seen an explosion in the number of people suffering from it. Online shopping is certainly a contributing factor, making it easier than ever to whip out the old credit card and buy something shiny. Although the problem is a universal one, women have traditionally been more susceptible to addiction. If you are a shopaholic and are struggling to overcome it, here are some tips to help you put it behind you forever. And I kid you not, yours truly can use these tips too 🙂


1. Always pay with cash or debit card


If your method of payment is traditionally a credit card, you are making it way too easy for your addiction. Use cash and debit cards only and you will feel that overspending in a very up close and personal way. That will absolutely help you slow down with your excessive spending. In fact, destroy your credit cards entirely.


2. Leave your money at home


If you have nothing to pay for anything with, you can’t overspend. Window shopping becomes window shopping again when you have no cash on you. The worst thing you can do is go window shopping with money. That is like an alcoholic spending an evening with a liquor cabinet.


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3. Always shop off lists


If you have a list and don’t stray from it, you are much less likely to impulse shop. Compulsive shoppers are constantly seeing something new that they must have. Focus on the list and only buy things that are on there.

4. Eliminate the shopping channel from your lineup


Literally take the channel off your favorites so that you have to literally replace it to watch it. At least that will make it a pain to do so. Those shopping channels are made for people just like you to spend money. Get rid of them.


5. Get help if it has gotten serious


How will you know if things are serious? If you have to ask that question, it is serious. Shopping when you don’t need things is a problem. Even if you have the expendable income to afford it, compulsive shopping is a serious problem. From hoarding and financial disaster alone, problems can arise rather quickly when you compulsively shop. Get some help. Ask around your local area for shopping addicts programs. Most local psychiatrists and psychologists can refer you as well.


Compulsive shopping is not something that you have to live with. If you truly are willing to make a change, there are resources out there to help you. The primary thing is to recognize that you have a problem and to commit to a change. The rest will come easily.




With love, Vinma



How to Avoid Compulsive Shopping

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