How to Create a Perfect Homework Station


Now that everyone has settled nicely back to their routine of back to school/ back to work past the summer schedule,  I think it is a great time to talk about organizing. Giving some TLC to your little one’s homework station might just be the first order of business in your to-do list.


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Kids often struggle to stay on task, and a perfect homework station is just what you need to make sure yours are getting things done each day.  Every child and home is unique, but you can use some simple principles to help make your household homework station ideal for your kids’ needs.


How To Create The Perfect Homework Station


how to create a perfect homework station



1. Find the perfect spot in your home


Many families have limited space for a homework station, so finding that perfect spot is key.  A nook in the kitchen or family room is often the choice, but for some, it needs to be in the kids’ rooms, a home office, or simply a portable box of supplies that can be moved from room to room.


The perfect homework station doesn’t have to be in a specific location to be perfect for you and your needs.  Simply create in the best manner for your children and you’ll love your homework station and how it helps keep things in order.


2. Add or remove distractions as needed.


Most will tell you that a homework station needs to be quiet and without distractions.  This means not in the living room with the television or video games playing.  It may also mean not in the kitchen while you are preparing dinner.  However, some people need quiet music or white noise to help them concentrate.


You probably already know if your kids need total quiet or white noise to help them focus.  You may also know that a kid who is hyper may need to stand instead of sit, or maybe even have something in their hands to play with while they read or think through a problem. There is no one size fits all answer to this equation.  Do what works best for your child or children.  That may even include having separate work stations for each child to suit their individual needs.


3. Keep plenty of supplies organized and on hand


Supplies are a big part of having the perfect homework station.  If you have enough space in your home to leave your homework station in the same place all the time, then you can set up hooks, boxes, totes, or a drawer of supplies that stay there all the time.  If you have a home with limited space so homework has to be done at the kitchen table and moved out of the way for dinner, it may work better to invest in a small box you can keep supplies in and just pull out as needed.


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Multi-tray rolling carts or filing cabinets are often the best and easiest choices to keep things together in one location while giving the flexibility to use that area for other purposes as needed.


4. Clean up after each use.


One of the most important parts of creating the perfect homework station is to make sure your kids are picking up after themselves each time they use it.  That means putting their homework back into their backpacks to turn in.  It also means putting supplies away and emptying any trash in the area so it is tidy for the next use.


Whether your homework station is a set location in your home, or simply a box of supplies that moves from room to room as needed these tips will help you create the perfect homework station for your kids.


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I hope these ideas help your kids wanting to fall in love with doing schoolwork at home 😉




With love, Vinma



How to Create a Perfect Homework Station


  1. Hey Vinma, that’s a really great idea to have a homework station for the kids. Just like us adults who work better in a quiet, distraction-less office space, kids deserve the same when it comes to their studies. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Nice tips Vinma. These are great for adults as well. I work from home and find it very challenging to stay focused without music. Also, I make sure my smartphone is in Airplane or DND mode to avoid unnecessary distractions. Having a clutter-free organized desk is essential too.

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