How to Find a Job you Love!

Author Katie Femia and her Debut Novel, Peacock Swamp The Nine

 How to Find a Job You Love

There is a saying floating around, that if you love what you do for a living, you will never work a day in your life. I am here to tell you, that it is completely true.

I have the pleasure of living up to this quote each and every day. And I will tell you how to find work you love.

Hi! My name is Katie Femia.

I am a first-time author with my young adult novel, Peacock Swamp|The Nine now available, a freelance writer, and lover of all things handmade and vintage. Ten years ago I would have told you that I felt confused and conflicted in my chosen career, that I dreaded Mondays and felt like I was just going through the motions of making a living. I would have told you how I found happiness in my hobbies whenever I could sneak them in, a fun release from the daily grind. But today I want to tell you that those hobbies are now my career, and the feelings of confusion, boredom, and going through the motions is now gone. Like the quote says, I am now making a living, never working a day in my life.

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How to Find a Job You Love?

How to find a job you love

So how to find a job you love? It is quite easier than you might imagine. You know that hobby that you enjoy? The one that you squeeze in whenever you get a free second? It may be something artistic, creative writing, entertaining children, or exploring electronics.  Once you have identified that, you’ve identified where you need to focus your energy. That’s how you find work you love and get paid to do it too. Well, pay will come eventually but this is a start!

I began my career in life as a teacher, but after eight years felt the calling to follow my passion for writing.


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Hobby/Passion=Livelihood/Source of Income?


Up until then, it had been a hobby of mine, but it was then that I realized it was time to make a move. I think finding the job of your dreams is a leap of faith mixed with preparedness, a bundle of nerves, moxie, and what ifs all wrapped up in one. Once I made it through those items, I found myself enjoying my dream job…that of a freelance writer and published author.

I have had people tell me: I want to do what you do. How to find a job you love? How do I find my dream job? I don’t know that there is one answer to that. But I would say it is a process that starts with identifying what it is that makes you happy. What special skill, hobby, or craft do you enjoy? Can you make a living off of it? Now remember, that doesn’t mean can you maintain living the lifestyle you are now by doing this new dream job. But can you survive comfortably? I have learned that my dream job meant I had to let some other luxuries in life go, but in the end, it has been the best trade-off ever.

So start brainstorming. When you are ready to make a move (and there is no time like the present) get those creative juices flowing. Start journaling, research the need for your skills in your area. Find ways to turn those interests, skills, and what you love into a paycheck. It is possible, and the end result can be the job of your dreams. Like me, you can enjoy never “working” another day in your life again.


There you have it, folks. My 2 cents on how to find a job you love! Now if you are an entrepreneur or someone who followed your dreams to be who you want to be, share with us what you did to make that happen. Sharing is caring!


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