How to Have a Perfect Self Care Sunday in 4 EASY Steps



Self-care is all the rave these days. And nothing wrong with that.


After all, you deserve your care first BEFORE you can even think of caring for others. And being a Mom can pose serious challenges to this perspective on a daily basis.


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For example.


Chances are, at this moment you are already feeling guilty about the time you are “wasting” reading a random blog post about self-care.


What the heck is it anyway? Focusing on the betterment of your body and soul? Does such a thing even exist? That isn’t even the norm! It’s INSANE sister.


Normal is you waking up with the sound of the alarm early morning and stumbling to the kitchen to start the day. Normal is your husband and kids expecting you to tend to them, getting their life in order and be the ever-present person in their life, ready to spring into action if and when things go south.  Normal is you being you, always on call, without fail. Always working tirelessly for the sustenance of others.



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Yes, you are an important piece of your family unit. They need you, agree. But isn’t that just one side of the fact? What about the other part? The part that is ALL YOU and ABOUT YOU? Focusing on you, making you happy and taking care of you? Yes.  That Mama, IS SELF-CARE.


I get it.  We all lead a busy life.  We hardly find time to catch our breath. Pause.


Or take a seat at that park bench, relax and see the world go by. Weren’t you eyeing that beautiful rustic looking bench for a while? On your way to rushing off to work and hurried grocery runs? You took a peek at it again the other day as you were driving your daughter to Jazz. You would have loved to stop there then. But…Yeah. NO TIME.


So let’s change the “normal” as we know a bit. Let’s turn things around and watch all the fun unfold. Dedicate a day. Just for you. All about you. Oh, no need to look so shocked dear one. You aren’t the first one to go down this way. There are others who walked this path before you, you see. Me included.


Aren’t you excited to meet your soul sisters on your little “road trip”? We could band together in the happy hour, kick back and relax. And compare notes on self-care. Sounds so much fun! Let’s pick a day. How about Sunday? Yes! Get all the juicy details and prepare for your trip mama xoxo


But If you’re wondering if it’s possible to have a perfect self-care Sunday, wonder no more! These simple self-care tips will have you relaxing and enjoy the day with ease!


Sunday is the one day of the week where most people tend to relax and rest. And rightfully so! Millions of people around the world spend their entire workweek going to and fro, answering questions, performing tasks and literally running themselves ragged. Sunday is the perfect day to put up your feet, let down your hair, and do nothing but whatever YOU want.



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The good news? You can have the perfect self-care Sunday with hardly any effort on your part at all! All you need is a little prepping and you’ll relish in the benefits for many Sunday’s in the future!


How to have a Perfect Self-Care Sunday



4 Ideas for perfect self care sunday



Ideally, once you set your perfect self-care Sunday up once, it’s something that you can replicate over and over again.


1. Refuse to Let Any Outside Distractions Derail your Day


Let’s be honest…our lives are full of distractions. To be able to fully relax, you have to stop those distractions in their tracks. Text messages, work emails, Facebook messages…all of those are distractions. Make up your mind that once your eyes open on Sunday morning, your entire day is a “distraction free” day.


2. Do Something for Yourself that You don’t Normally Do


This needs to be something that is a rare treat for you and you alone. Facial? Pedicure? A trip to the supermarket? Whatever you consider a true treat, make it happen. And while you have the wiggle room to invite others if you choose, try to start off your first one or two self-care Sundays to where you’re doing these things alone. That way, you’re allowing yourself some needed time before you start including in the company of others.


3. Leave the Stresses and Pressures of the World for Another Day


Guess what? The workload that you didn’t get done on Friday, will be waiting for you on Monday. Don’t spend your entire Sunday fretting and worrying about it. Not only will it make you mentally tired, but it will also affect you spiritually and emotionally as well. The outside world will ALWAYS have things and tasks that are “urgent” and needing to be done. BUT, for you to recover and be ready to tackle those challenges, you deserve a day of resting up and rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul.


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4. Add in Something New to Try that You’ve Never Done


Writing a poem, learning how to crochet or strumming a few chords on a guitar can add to your self-care Sunday’s because it’s showing you it’s okay to try something new. Nourishing your brain with activities that it isn’t used to can also be self-calming because it gives you confidence and hope for fun adventures for the future.


Your self-care Sunday is just that. YOURS. Allow yourself to unwind, relax and just “BE” yourself in any way that you want. The only person that you have to answer to is yourself on this day. And what a wonderful person to get to communicate with!


See you on the other side.





With love, Vinma



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How to Have a Perfect Self Care Sunday in 4 EASY Steps

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