How to Help Kids with their Homework


Homework is the bane of every kid’s existence, and unfortunately, that dread often carries into us parents’ busy schedule. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a blueprint to attack the homework barrage that threatens your sanity? Well, today is your lucky day Mama. This post is all about creating a routine and helping parents manage their kids’ homework without having to be on them constantly.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure your kids are doing everything they should be doing for their education. However, it can be tough to check up on every detail all the time. By having some set standards in your home regarding homework, you’ll be able to relax a bit more and know that your side of the job is going to be much easier.

How to Help Kids with their Homework


help kids with homework

1. Create a homework station

This is a super popular suggestion on many schools and organization Pinterest boards these days, and we have to agree. Having a designated area for each kid to do their homework is a must. Make sure that every child has a place of their own they know they are supposed to go to and work each day. The kitchen table is the most common area to do homework, but you could have space set up in the den, family room or even your home office. This area should have a few supplies (pencils, pens, paper, etc.) as well as access to a computer as needed for research.

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2. Keep things quiet

One big distraction with kids doing homework is outside distractions. As a busy parent, you really have to stay on top of kids so they don’t get distracted and take longer doing assignments than necessary. This means no television, no music and no chatting amongst themselves. Make sure your kids understand that homework time is a quiet time for concentration and questions about homework only. This is another great reason to have a designated homework station. No worries about the televisions shows being what they watch instead of reading their textbooks as directed.


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3. Make a No Electronics Rule Until Homework is Completed.

Smartphones, tablets and video games rule our worlds and our kids lives these days. For busy parents to get their kids to do homework in record time, a no electronics rule must be put into place. When kids arrive home from school each day, things like phones and tablets should be turned off or turned in until school work has been completed. There are times when online research is needed, but that should be done with permission. Without the distraction of social media, games or text messages at their fingertips, kids will focus more readily and be able to get their homework done even faster.


Homework is an essential part of education with our kids these days. As a busy Mom, it can be tough to come home from work, do homework, get dinner ready, get kids bathed, do any chores at all and manage to get to bed on time. Yep, we all go through the grind daily. This post on how to help kids in getting their homework done will help take some of the minor stress away from your shoulders. And the kids will be presented with a much better environment where they can maintain the focus needed while working on their school assignments each day.


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I call that win-win! Hope this helps to step up your homework game!  🙂

xoxo Mama.

How to Help Kids with their Homework

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