How to Keep Relationship Strong after having a Baby


Easier said than done right? How to keep the relationship strong after having a baby. Is there a way at all to fix parenting and marriage issues by following a certain formula? Definitely not. Balancing marriage and family is certainly an art but it is by no means rocket science!


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Once you’ve become a mom and realize just how overwhelming raising kids can be, it’s pretty common to neglect your marriage or relationship. This doesn’t happen on purpose, it’s just that both of you get so enthralled in raising kids that you forget about that special alone time. While it’s great to be married and raising kids together, it’s just as important for you to pause and rekindle the bond between you and your husband or Significant Other. Today I’m going to share a few ways you can learn to survive marriage and motherhood or how to keep relationship strong after having a baby. 


How to Keep Relationship Strong after having a Baby


how to keep relationship strong after having a baby


1. Do Not Unload

When your husband returns from a hard day at work and asks you how your day went, try not to immediately unload about every stressful moment. While your husband does care and would love to know about the positives and negatives of your day, it’s best to wait until later on to discuss those moments. Try to be positive when your husband first arrives home, welcome him home and ask how his day was. Listen to your husband and let him know that later on, you’d love to sit and chat more.


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2. Get Alone Time

No matter how in love you are with your partner/husband and your kids, it’s important to get time alone. This is especially important if you’re a work at home or stay at home mom. In fact, I have written a ton of times about having me times and how crucial it is for your self-care. Taking care of yourself can also help with the health of your relationship with your partner. 


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Raising kids will drain a lot out of you and surviving marriage is all about learning how to be the best individual you can be. Try to work with your husband to set aside time where he takes over the kids and house for a bit while you go relax in the tub or curl up in silence reading a good book.

3. Freshen Up

You don’t have to go take a full blown shower and put on a huge amount of makeup, but all of us moms know that after a day with kids our hair and face can be a mess. Before your husband arrives home, make sure you freshen up a little. I have a skincare routine and I love this time for myself! Takes about 10-15 minutes max and you came out of it feeling like a million bucks! They say you need to do this consistently every day but ain’t no one got time for that. So I sort of do it every other day and it is completely fine. More importantly, it works for me. Read more about my skin care routine and what I use. 

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Also, perhaps put a little bit of his favorite perfume on, powder your face and take a moment to breathe so that you don’t bombard him with chaos right away. This will be a win/win scenario as your husband may just give you a compliment when he enters the home.


4. Schedule Date Nights

I can’t stress enough on the importance of this! Marriage and motherhood mean no more spontaneity, or at least not in the sense that you had prior to raising kids. Make sure that you schedule at least one date night per month with your husband. Find a babysitter, let go of motherhood duties, dress up all fancy and get out of the house with your husband. This will allow you to reconnect and maintain a bond as husband and wife, no matter how crazy motherhood gets.


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How to Keep Relationship Strong After Having a Baby?

It’s important that you value the relationship with your husband as much as you value the joys of motherhood. Take some time and put forth an effort to use my strategies shared today to survive marriage and motherhood happily.  



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Did you like this post on how to keep relationship strong after having a baby? If you have your own tactics to cope in a similar situation, please do share with us.


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