Protect your Skin in 4 Easy Steps this Winter

 Keeping your skin from drying out in the winter can be tough. With all that cold wind blowing, don’t be surprised if you get burning red cheeks or chapped, cracked lips. How do you protect your skin from the elements? Prevention is the key! By following the ideas below, you will keep your skin from getting dry during those cold winter months.

Protect your Skin in 4 Easy Steps this Winter

Protect yourSkin in 4StepsthisWinter


Start from the inside

 I’m talking about water. Just because it’s not summer anymore, you still should be drinking water every day. Sometimes we forget to get our daily intake of water during the winter because the temperature isn’t hot, but, our bodies still need that H20 every day. The amount varies by person, but 8 glasses is a good rule of thumb.

Cut Down on Hot Showers

Another reason why people sometimes get dry skin is the shower. Taking really hot showers can strip necessary oils from your skin and make dry it out, which may even cause itchy skin. Try lowering the temperature just a bit. Hot showers can be relaxing and soothing, but, when you deal with the aftermath of dry skin, you won’t be relaxed or soothed!

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You should moisturize your skin every day. Slather your skin with body lotion after showers or baths and at least one other time per day. You should also think about getting a product that is made just for your face, as well. Facial lotions are usually non-comedogenic, which means they don’t clog pores.

Apply Lip Balm

Have you ever had wind burned or chapped lips? It isn’t a great feeling. Before you leave to go out in the cold, and throughout the day, you should apply lip balm. If you don’t have any on hand, good old Vaseline will do the trick.

With the tips above, you should be able to prevent and protect your skin from the cold this winter.



  1. I’m guilty of taking very hot showers. I know it isn’t great for my skin, but it feels so good…especially in the winter!

  2. I live in Colorado and my skin is DRY! I am always using moisturizers and lip balm and I do drink plenty of water. I just got home from a trip to Florida and discovered what a huge difference the humidity makes on the skin. I have been home a week and my hands are so dry and chapped they are cracking.

    1. oh dear! I mostly have dry skin and battling the dryness itself is tough day in and day out. I hear ya!

  3. Great tips! Don’t ask me why-because I really do not know why I drink less water in the winter months-a lot less water! And yes, my skin is drying out–I WILL start drinking more water.

    1. I know Michele. Even though I mentioned about the benefit of drinking water, I find it hard to follow my own advice sometimes lol

  4. I live in Colorado and hate the conditions here. I have combination skin and it dries out so easily especially during the harsh cold weather. I constantly use moisturizer and make sure to do so at least twice a day. I doubt I can give up my hot showers but this is a really great post. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

    1. Same here Kristal. Hot showers are divine specially during those cold winter nights and also after a long day at work. But it sure has its shortcomings.. and when it comes to skin, hot water can have nastier effects.

  5. Great tips. I don’t use any lotion of commercial face cream (due to a lot of toxic products that they include in them), but for example when I take a bath, I use epsom salt with baking soda and essential oils to detox my body and to get magnesium at the same time through the skin, and one of the benefits of this is that when I get out of the bath, my body is so smooth, soft like a baby’s, it’s amazing.

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