How to Make Fairy Garden

The very first time I came across fairy gardens is on Pinterest. I immediately took a liking for them and started pinning anything and everything related to miniature fairy gardens. Its true that there is something magical when it comes to all things fairy 🙂 What was attractive about the subject on how to make fairy garden was also that it’s quite easy to create one as long as you are armed with right ideas and supplies like my friend Anita here. She is going to show us today how to make a hanging fairy ball. isn’t it awesome? Some of Anita’s interests rests with health and wellness, frogs (She collects them) and anything gardening related!


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 Stick around and read how she made a fabulous looking hanging fairy ball and impressed her teen. So you know, it was a success! 

How to Make Fairy Garden- Hanging Fairy Ball DIY 

How to Make Fairy Garden- Hanging Fairy Ball

One of my new favorite things to do is browse the Pinterest boards.  One evening as I scrolled through picture after picture looking for gardening inspiration, I came across what was called a ‘fairy garden’.  It immediately caught my eye because there was just something magical and artistic about this little scene that someone had captured in what was basically a dish.

There was tiny moss, ferns and bark and a teeny little stone path that led to a door hidden in more moss.  There wasn’t  even a fairy but you could easily imagine that a fairy or a pixie would live in such a place.

I think a fairy garden is a wonderful craft to make with your kids and one of my favorite creations is a hanging fairy ball.  You can make several and hang them in trees.  Grouped together and hanging at different lengths, they make a magical fairy world.

Here’s what you need

1. Grapevine ball from craft store or dollar store (If you have access to grapevines, you can make your own!)  Here is a tutorial that I found online. Fairy-garden-6

2. Sphagnum moss (from garden centre, the kind you use to make moss baskets)

3. Small trailing or creeping plants

4. Potting soil

5. Heavy scissors or wire cutters

6. Fairys  (optional, but I found a plastic tube full of fairies at the dollar store!)

7. Bark or a small craft house from craft store (you will have to paint it).  I usually find and collect cool things from thrift stores and yard sales that can be repurposed for crafts.

8. Jute, string or wire to hang the fairy ball


1. Use the wire cutters to cut an opening in the ball.  You want to cut a big enough opening to be able to plant inside the ball.

How to Make Hanging Fairy Ball- Fairy Garden

2. Line the bottom and sides of the ball with sphagnum moss

3. Put an inch or so of potting soil in the ball.

How to Make Fairy Garden

4. Anchor one or more plants into the ball. Hide any remaining dirt with more moss.

How to Make Fairy Garden

5. Decorate the ball inside.  If you have a fairy you can place her in the ball.  You can also use some bark and moss to create a structure inside the ball that resembles a house.

How to Make Fairy Garden

6. Hang your creation in the trees.
You can also make fairy gardens in plant trays like a little dish garden.  It is exactly the same as making a miniature moss garden, except that you add the step at the end of decorating it with small items such a pebble path leading to a dwelling.

At the dollar store I found all kinds of treasures that kids could use to decorate little gardens of their own.  I found a package of ladybugs, frogs, shiny flat pebbles and my tube o’ fairies, among other things!

And just so you know how appealing this is to kids, last weekend I made 4 fairy gardens in total and my 15 year old son was out in the  yard helping me!  He said they were ‘cool’. 

How to Make Fairy Garden

So have fun and I hope to see some of your creations on Pinterest!

Anita Breeze

So, that’s it.Hope this How to Make Fairy Garden Tutorial was inspiring enough to create one of your own this summer. Good luck and have fun 🙂





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