How to Organize for Back to School Like a Pro!

If you live in Canada,  kids are back to school next month. But I know for our US friends, school has already started! If you are looking for tips on How to Organize for Back to School Like a Pro, you are at the right place! I have like 4 years worth of Back to school posts buried deep in the archives so don’t forget to take a peek. Start here and work your way down.

How to Organize for Back to School Like a Pro!

Back to school Life hacks you need to make it a success!

Today I am sharing some tips on How to Organize for Back to School Like a Pro to help you  accomplish transition to school life for your kids easy. By God, I know it could get quite bumpy at least in the beginning. I am here to help!

First up,  I have rounded up 13 sites from where you can download back to school printables for free! Yes, that’s right! A little organization doesn’t hurt and these printables will help you bring some order to those first few weeks of chaotic back to school life. You are welcome!

Second, I took the time to brainstorm 5 ways to help your child succeed in school that has nothing to do with reading, writing or arithmetic. With all the hustle and bustle involved in coordinating after school care, extra-curricular activities, homework and daily routines like dinner, baths and chores children can often feel forgotten or even neglected during the first few weeks of school.  All of your attention may be focused on just getting through each day when they need you to take a few minutes to just sit, snuggle, ask questions, listen or even take them for a treat and let them know you love them.

In the second part of this post, you will read about how we as parents can instill confidence in our little ones to make their school time a successful one.

Now, let’s get down to business.

13 Totally Free Back to School Printables!

13 Totally Free Back to School Printables!

  1. Free Back to School Scavenger Hunt Printable from Life Over C’s

This neat printable from Life Over C’s is a great way to help kids focus while you do back to school shopping. No more cringing at the thought of taking your little ones to the store when it is busy and crowded. This printable will keep THEM busy while you shop 😉 Winner!

2. Back to School Memories Printable from Woman Of Many Roles

I love this cute back to school memories printables. It could even be a keepsake of your little ones for future

3. Back To Preschool Free Printable Checklist from Practical Mommy

Practical Mommy’s Back to School Preschool checklist is a great tool for your preschooler’s first day of school essentials. No chance you will forget anything after you are through this list!

4. Back to School Maze Printable from Thrifty Mommas Tips

A fun printable for the school bus riders! This printable is a great way to get the kids excited to go back to the school bus stop in the new school year.

5. Free Printable Back To School Survey from What Mommy Does

This All About Me printable is much like the School Memories printable from the Woman of Many Roles. Both are cute and packed with fun questions about your kiddos’ new school year. A great activity for kids to do on the first day of school.

6. Scrapbooking Freebie | Back to School Printable from The Cents’Able Shoppin

A great find for scrap booking lovers! Did I mention they look adorable? A Must download if you ask me!

7. FREE Back to School Printable Clothing Checklist from Raking In The Savings

Make your back to school shopping less stressful with this checklist!

8. How to Survive the 1st Month of School and a Fun Printable from The Adventures Of J-Man And MillerBug

These fun printables are so thoughtful to keep in your child’s backpack the first month of school as they wade through the new schedule. Cute lunch notes and simple messages will surely make your child’s day and lit up their faces like July 4th fireworks..

9. Free Printable Back to School Checklist from Not Quite Susie Homemaker

Yet another checklist for your back to school season, if the first one on this list is not enough. Really , a girl cannot have too many, right? 😉

10. First Day Of School Free Printable Signs from A Grande Life

Looking for first day of school signs? A Grande Life has a ton of them so stop by at her blog.

11. Free Printable School Planner Set from Hay Hay Life

Looking for school planners? Your search ends here. Check out Hay Hay Life and get her school planner set! Included is Printable School Binder Cover Page, Fill Your Own Calendar, Weekly School Planner and Printable Class Project Planner. Great find, isn’t it?

12. FREE Printable Child ID Card from Couponing For Freebies

This printable ID card comes pretty handy to keep track of your kids’ whereabouts in an unfortunate event, God forbid.

13. Fun ABC Apple Matching Printable for Preschoolers from Artsy Momma

Teach your preschooler about matching activities with these fun ABC Apple matching printable. What a wonderful way to learn!

Hope you like the collection of these free back to school printables and put them to good use. It would be great if you take the time to comment on these bloggers’ sites to tell them how useful you find their creation. I am sure they would appreciate you stopping by 🙂

Back to School is a time some of us struggle to get used to the change in routine. First challenge out of many in this regard, is to help your kids adjust to the school atmosphere and ensure their success in getting used to the schedule.  Teachers have upwards of twenty children to take care of during the day.   They do the best they can, but good students are born at home.  Following are the  5 Ways to Help your Child Succeed in School

5 Ways to Help your Child Succeed in School

5 Ways to Help your child succeed in school


1. Make sure your child is ready for school each day

This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s not always easy to get your child out the door with a good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast.  There are a few things you can do ahead of time to make the mornings smoother.  Do as much at night as you possibly can.  Make lunches, set out clothes for the morning, and plan breakfast.  Put homework in the backpack ready to go and check the weather.  Spending precious minutes in the morning trying to find the other rain boot is stressful and not good for anyone.  All of those things can be taken care of ahead of time.

 2. Teach your child how to listen

Have you ever walked into a room full of people and had to talk louder than the next person just so you’ll be heard?  That’s the way many classrooms are.  One child talks over the other who talks over the next.  If you teach your child listening skills from the beginning, they’ll be better prepared to learn when the teacher is giving instructions.  Communicate with your child on a regular basis.  Show them that there are rewards for doing what they’re supposed to be doing and consequences for when they don’t.  Limit screen time and encourage your child to have actual conversations that don’t require electronics.  A child who is able to tune out background distractions will do better in school than one who doesn’t know how.

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 3. Support your school 

Lots of schools have “stupid” rules.  So does almost every job your child will have as an adult.  His or her first impressions of work come from school.  If you teach them that they don’t have to follow the rules if they don’t agree with them, they learn that they can just go around doing whatever they want.  That strategy doesn’t work so well in the adult world, and it’s likely to get your child in trouble in school as well.  Saying something like, “We may not understand why this rule is in place, but it’s important that we follow it” is a lot better than “That’s a dumb rule.  Tell them your mom said you don’t have to do that.”  Imagine the crazy society we would live in if no one felt the need to follow rules.

 4. Spend time in your child’s classroom

This is easier said than done sometimes.  Even if it’s only one day out of the entire school year, it’s important for your child to see that you support them and their education.  If you show a genuine interest in what’s going on in school, they’ll be more interested as well.  It’s also helpful to talk about school when they come home.  “How was your day?” isn’t a tough question to ask.  Take five minutes and talk about what went on in school without distractions from the television, other siblings, cooking dinner, etc.  Your child will likely be excited to tell you about their day, and that conversation also gives him or her a chance to work on those listening skills.  If you have more time, consider chaperoning field trips, helping with class parties, and getting involved in your child’s school life in any way that you can.

5.  Set a good example

If you don’t care about your work, your child won’t care about theirs either.  Don’t come home complaining about how your boss is an idiot, you’re tired of working, and how you don’t make a difference no matter what you do.  Real life can be disappointing, but your attitude is what your child will see and emulate.  It’s imperative that they see that even though it’s not always fun, it’s important to always be the best you can be.

As I mentioned earlier, The first few weeks of the back to school season can be hectic and trying on any family no matter how organized they are.  Adapt as you see fit to suit your individual family dynamic but always remember that this is just a phase that you will adapt back into soon enough.

Give your kids the time and space they need and don’t forget that a little downtime can fix a ton of issues with the hurry and stress involved with the back to school season.

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