Organize Your Life with Note Organizer!

Doesn’t it seem like little memos, notes, and coupons are always getting misplaced? If this happens to be the case in your home, then you need to make this DIY note organizer. It is way easier to organize your life  if you have a note organizer close by 🙂

It  is perfect for keeping those small papers in one easy to find place. Take a look at how we crafted our own, and how you can too. It is so easy.

Organize Your Life with Note Organizer!

How to Organize your Life with Note Organizer

Here is what you will need

Wood plaque ($2 at our local craft store)
Chalkboard label or paint
Scrap paper
Hot glue, glue gun

We found everything we needed at our local craft store, and some items can even be found at your local dollar store.


1. Begin by cutting two lengths of ribbon. You want them to be even and at least a foot long. This is what you will be using to hang all your treasures on.

2. Turn the plaque over and glue the ends of the two ribbons to the back of it. Press well and allow the glue to dry before flipping back over.

3. Cut and apply with glue strips of paper to your clothespins. This of course is optional and just a great way to add a little more color and fun. You can also paint the clothespins if you wish.

4. Apply a peel and stick chalkboard label to the plaque. If you don’t have any, you can also paint a square of chalkboard paint.

5. On the label, write something such as “Notes” or “Coupons”

6. Your note holder is now ready to be used. Go ahead and clip on any notes or coupons you may have. They will stay nice and secure on the ribbons, and you will always know where to find them. You can also add photos, greeting cards, really anything you wish. The clothespins will keep them nice and secure.

Give this easy and inexpensive DIY note holder a try.

How to organize your life you ask? 😉

Well, making this  DIY Note organizer will be a great start!  Have fun creating 🙂

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