How to Play Pokemon Go Like a Pro? Step up your Game with these Tips!

Let’s face it, Pokemon Go has become one of the biggest overnight sensations across the world. Have you become a part of the millions upon millions of people playing the game? My son has been actively playing ever since it was launched in Canada. With this phenomenal app releasing, there has been a ton more people out and about looking to Catch Them All! It seems that everywhere you go you see people walking around playing the game.
As Pokemon Go sweeps over the world, I thought of sharing some relevant info we have picked up along the way playing this fun game. Ahem! Yes, I am also a Pokemon Go fan and love keeping my son company while he catch them all 😉 

How to Play Pokemon Go Like a Pro? Step up your Game with these Tips!



In this post, I am going to be sharing 3 aspects of playing Pokemon Go.
1. How to Play Pokemon Go Safely
2.How to be More Active with Pokemon Go
3.Pokemon Go Hacks, Catch More Pokemon Quicker and Level Up Quicker!
First up, let’s talk about being safe while playing the game!

How to Play Pokemon Go Safely

If you’re not playing Pokemon Go yourself, you’ve at least heard of it and I’m sure you have a friend or family member that is playing as well. Because this game requires people to get up and get out into the world to find all the Pokemon that they are looking for, people have been brought into dangerous situations and I’m sure you have heard some of the horror stories surrounding the game. Well, today I am going to be talking to you all about safety tips for when you are playing that will help you to avoid these dangerous situations and keep you playing safe!

Find a Friend

This game is one that is super fun to play with a friend. You can help each other out when it comes to finding Pokemon and you can compare and have fun while you’re at it. If you’re going to be going out to places like parks, into the woods, or in more open areas be sure to take a friend with you…especially if you’re going out at night! Never go out alone at night especially and if you are out and about, stay in areas that are busier and have a lot of people around. 

Stay in Well Lighted Areas

It is so important that you stay where you can be seen and where you can see your surroundings. Don’t go into really dark areas simply because you’re looking for a Haunter! Your safety is not worth finding any Pokemon. I recommend playing during the day time and into the evening but once it starts to get dark outside, I would head home at least if you’re walking anyway. 

Stay Out of Restricted Areas

Pokemon are also not worth getting into trouble over! This is why you want to make sure that you are staying out of areas that you are not supposed to be in. If someone has a “No Trespassing” sign on their home or a business has it on their property be sure to stay out because they do have the right to call the cops on you and no one wants to get the cops involved over you looking for a Pokemon. Stay out of areas that are off limits!

Pay Attention

Last but certainly not least, make sure that you are paying attention to your surroundings carefully. Make sure if you are out and about walking that you are not just glued to your phone and not watching where you are going, you could easily get kidnapped by someone, robbed, or possibly get hit by a car. Once again, your safety is definitely not worth finding a couple of Pokemon so please…don’t risk it! 
We all know that Pokemon Go is a blast but it can get you into trouble if you aren’t careful! Be sure that you are paying attention to your surroundings and being safe while you play. After all, it is just a game and it is definitely not worth risking your safety or getting in trouble for. Have fun and keep these safety tips in mind! 
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How to be More Active with Pokemon Go


Well, not only is Pokemon Go a really fun game to play but it is also a great way to get out and get active.
Following are a few ways you can use Pokemon Go to get out in the world and get active!

Go Out and Catch Pokemon

In order to catch a lot of Pokemon you have to get out in the world and look for them because trust me when I say, they don’t just come to you. Make an effort to take a walk everyday and make it fun by searching for Pokemon while you’re out. 

Walk to Hatch Your Eggs

 In order to hatch the eggs that you have and gain more Pokemon, you have to walk to slowly get the egg to hatch. This is a great motivator for being active. Take an egg and start incubating and go out to walk, don’t come back until your egg is hatched and you will definitely get a good walk and exercise in for the day. 

Set Goals

 When you go out for a Pokemon hunt, set a fitness goal before you leave. For example, maybe you want to walk for a whole hour and find as many Pokemon as you can, or maybe you want to find a certain number of Pokemon before you come home. Either way you can really get some good activity and a great workout in by doing this all while having some fun. 

Turn The Game Into a Workout

 Try turning your Pokemon Go game into a workout! Maybe do a certain amount of squats or jumping jacks for each Pokemon that you catch or maybe you can walk for a certain amount of time looking to catch Pokemon. I personally like to go out every day for an hour a day at least and for every Pokemon I catch while I’m out, I do 5 push ups, 5 sit ups, and 5 jumping jacks when I get home. 
Pokemon Go is not only a great and fun game to play but it is also a really great excuse to get out and get active. Who says that exercising can’t be fun?
With Pokemon Go exercising can be both fun and beneficial to your health. 

 Pokemon Go Hacks, Catch More Pokemon Quicker and Level Up Quicker!

Are you having trouble finding Pokemon and making your way to becoming a master trainer? Well, you’ve come to the right place!
I will let you in on the secret to becoming the Pokemon Master! Use these tips and you will find yourself finding a ton of Pokemon, leveling up quicker than you ever expected, and making your way to becoming the Pokemon Master.

Get Pro-Active

Simply sitting at home waiting for the Pokemon to come to you is not going to happen. You may find one here and there in the comfort of your home but in order to really catch them all, you have to get out there and go looking for them! Walk around your neighborhood, go to a park and walk around, finding Pokemon is one of the best ways you can raise your XP and advanced to further levels in the game.


 You get a ton of XP points by evolving your Pokemon into their further evolutions and in order to do this you need the candies for that Pokemon. How do you get candies? Catching Pokemon of course! It is necessary to catch the same Pokemon over and over in order to raise your candies and evolve your Pokemon. If you see multiple of the same Pokemon, don’t be afraid to catch multiples, trust me it will help you in the long run.

Hatch Eggs

Hatching eggs is another really great way to catch Pokemon you don’t have yet and raise your XP to level up quicker. You can find eggs at Pokestops and the eggs can be a level 2, 5, or 10. Each level gets you a different level Pokemon, your level 2 eggs will get you common Pokemon, level 5 gets your rare Pokemon, and level 10 gets you very rare Pokemon! 

 Use Special Eggs

 Special Eggs are something that you receive as you level up in your bag. A special egg is a great tool to use to when you want to level up a couple levels at a time. What a special egg does is give you the opportunity to earn double XP for 30 minutes. You will earn double XP when you evolve your Pokemon and when you catch Pokemon. 
Use these tips and you will become a Pokemon Master before you know it!
Pokemon Go is a really fun game to play no matter what age, gender, or size that you are and it is great whether you had Pokemon as a part of your childhood or not.
How to play Pokemon Go like a Pro? Step up your Game with these tips!

I hope you learned about how to play Pokemon Go like a pro reading this post . Like what you read? Consider sharing in your social media so others could benefit 🙂

Have more tips to share? Use the comment section and let the world know! 


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